About Education City

Education City is a community of institutions designed to serve the educational needs of the whole citizen: from early childhood education to post-graduate study. Education City provides an environment that unites leading researchers with cutting-edge facilities and qualified graduates. This dynamic atmosphere allows the opportunity for collaboration and the development of pioneering ideas into real-world applications.

By establishing and partnering with educational institutions of the highest standards, Education City gives a new generation of engaged and innovative leaders the tools required to face the challenges of an increasingly global society. These ground-breaking partnerships differentiate Education City from other international learning centers, and make it the truly exceptional facility that it is.

Six world-renowned universities joining together in one place, providing the highest quality academic learning opportunity available anywhere. Education City branch partners also bring a distinctive commitment to student engagement that differentiates higher education in the United States from universities elsewhere throughout the world. This kind of learning transforms the lives of students fortunate enough to pursue learning in a one-of-a-kind 21st century setting.

Education has long been the pathway to prosperity and fulfillment for peoples across time and culture. The state of Qatar has committed immense resources to the Qatar Foundation and it has done this in order to build the capacity of the country’s most precious resource – its people.