Texas A&M University at Qatar

Texas A&MTexas A&M University, opened with an enrollment of only 20 students in 1876 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, has since grown into what is now one of the largest and most comprehensive teaching, research and service universities in the United States. The University is a leader in engineering, science, agriculture and other academic programs important to economic, social and cultural development. More than 47,000 students are enrolled, coming from more than 120 countries around the world. Through its 10 colleges, Texas A&M offers more than 120 undergraduate degrees and about 250 master’s and doctoral degrees, including the Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineering offered since 2003 at the University’s campus in Education City.

Texas A&M is recognized for its vibrant culture and for the passion Aggies share for the University. This enthusiasm is known as the Aggie Spirit.

The Texas A&M experience is more than just academic. Leadership development outside the classroom and co-curricular education share an equally important role in contributing to a wholesome, well-rounded education. One of the most exciting aspects of Texas A&M at Qatar is the way students have embraced the University as a community rather than merely an academic experience. Through students’ initiative and dedication, more than two dozen student clubs and activities have developed, ranging from engineering-focused professional organizations to activity-centered social groups. This mirrors the culture of the main Texas A&M campus, where hundreds of student groups thrive. The kinship students share in their organizations teaches invaluable leadership skills that will benefit them in their careers as engineers after graduation. Through these experiences, students learn not only to work with their peers, but also how to rely on themselves and to follow through on their commitments. These lessons are cornerstones of Texas A&M’s reputation for developing leaders and promoting exceptional student life Texas A&M at Qatar students fulfill Aggie traditions and have given a distinct local cultural flavor. They wear their Aggie Rings with pride and honor their role as members of the Aggie family. Students at Texas A&M at Qatar share the same excitement about their senior rings – known as Aggie rings – as students on the College Station campus. Aggies are eligible for their ring only after completing enough credits to be a senior, and they receive the ring at a special presentation ceremony.

Today’s engineer is not just an expert in a particular field, but a multifaceted and multidisciplinary professional, with a wide range of knowledge and experience. At Texas A&M University, students are taught to address problems that have never been addressed before and to resolve them in creative ways. Students are taken to the frontier of human knowledge and graduates are challenged with expanding that frontier through careers in industry and academia. Recent graduates of the University’s Qatar campus are employed in leading international companies in the oil and gas, telecommunications, and technology sectors.

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