Xiaofei Wang: Shape the World from the Orientation!


Shape the World from the Orientation!   

Hoya Saxa!               




Before the Orientation


What does “Orientation” mean? This was the very first question I had in my mind. I looked up for the word in the dictionary, and “orientation” means “the particular interests, activities or aims that someone or something has”. If this is the meaning, I had to say my orientation for Georgetown University, for Doha, for Qatar had already begun long before I came to Doha. The Orientation for me not only means getting ready for my college year, but also, and more important, means my independence and a brighter future.



As soon as I arrived at the Doha International Airport on the morning of August 25th , I could not help myself shedding my tears. I am not that type of people who love crying, definitely not. However, nobody understands how struggled and frustrated I was during these months, from December last year to August. Like most Chinese high school students who are willing to study abroad, I chose the United States as my destination. However, life is hard, and it is much harder when you find yourself have nothing to do to change the reality. The tuition and cost for universities in US are too much for my family to afford. Even though I applied the Financial Aid for all the universities, I got all rejected. George W Bush didn’t like me; otherwise he won’t let the economic recession happen. But this is the truth, and at that time I thought I just made a wrong decision. A student, whose family is not rich, should stay in China and go nowhere to achieve American Dream (for me it’s a World Dream). I found myself lost for my future until Penny, the sophomore in Northwestern University in Qatar, introduced the several American universities in Education City, and the Qatar Foundation, which offers great amount of Financial Aid for students. After her introduction, I felt like opening my eyes again, and found the world to be even much brighter. For me, Penny’s introduction is the first orientation ever in my life. What an orientation for me, is a lighthouse, when the ship lost the direction.



Luckily, I got accepted by all the three universities applied and finally decided Georgetown as my home for the next four years. After receiving the acceptance letter, I thought that would be my happy ending. Unfortunately, things never go the way that we’ve expected. I had no idea how complicated the Financial Aid application was and how anxious when my parents and I were waiting for the result. Some of the documents which QF required never existed in China before, the bank refused to make an  and I was told I am the first one to have the official statement to prove the number of my parent’s bank accounts in China. Later on, the visa application became my enemy, and the flight ticket I bought from Shanghai to Doha was expired. When I arrived at the Hong Kong airport, uncertainty was still hovering over my head whether I can land on Doha successfully.  God still has some mercy for me, I met Farah and Hashmi. Feeling the heat and humidity, seeing people with white robes, I realized here is a brand-new life for me. When my Chinese friends knew that I would study in Qatar, they would ask me, “Where is Qatar, is Qatar one of the states in the US?” And after I explained them that Qatar is a country in Middle East, they would continue to ask me, “Are you insane? Aren’t you afraid of being killed?” People in my country don’t know too much about Qatar, let alone Doha. I made a decision of my own that Qatar should be known to more Chinese after I graduate. I want to be their “orienter” just like Penny had done for me. When I was sitting in the car on the way to Education City, this was the first time for me to imagine what life will be in EC, as well as in Georgetown University. I couldn’t wait to see my fellows whom will cry with me, smile with me, for the next four years. All these stories would start from the Orientation

(My lovely Penny)



During the orientation


The reason why I wrote so many things before I came to Doha is that the more difficulty you have experienced, the more you will cherish. I treasured every moment with my newly-made friends, and every piece of land, even the air I breathed. The first day in Doha was nothing but exciting. I met my roommate, who is kind and kind. Even though I had introduced myself and answered the same question over and over again, I felt more confident that people like to know who I am. To be honest, fear also existed during the first day, since I was born and raised in China, everything is so different. I enjoyed the City Tour organized by Qatar Foundation. During the trip, I chatted with my friends, trying very hard to memorize their Arabic names and where they are from. The milk tee was cheap and delicious and it made me feel like my whole body melted by the great flavor. The most memorable thing for the trip was the visit for the Museum of Islamic Arts. Amazed by the great priceless relics, I began to think why people around the world haven’t realized that this great culture really exists in the world. There is no doubt that nearly everyone knows China has a brilliant history and Chinese cultural relics are excellent. Why few people know these Arabic countries also the Islamic culture which is as perfect as the Chinese one. Maybe it is due to the instability among the Middle East that everyone only cares about their living, and their culture is just like an abandoned baby that nobody cares. It is pessimistic, but it also means, our generation has a lot of things to do.





 My roomie! Adil!



The next day is the Orientation for HBKU students as a whole. During the session, everyone was asked to write their commitments for the next few years on a strike. It’s much more difficult to pledge to our own than to promise to someone else. I wrote three sentences, for me, for China, and for everyone. “I want to eat well, sleep well, and study well. I want to build up real democracy for China. I want everyone to eat well, sleep well, and study well.” Especially for the democracy part, it was more like a dream than a commitment. However, I firmly believe that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. That’s why I came here, and that’s why I chose Georgetown. By the way, I have to say, I enjoyed the free food so much. Can I have some more?




August 27th, a date which meant a lot to me. Today was the first time I entered the gate of Georgetown. I was impressed by the slogan “SMILE” near the entrance, and somehow I looked at the mirror, testing how good I was when I was smiling. We were divided into several groups for the Georgetown Orientation. Sarcastically, being a Chinese, I was assigned to a group called “Communists”. I asked my Orientation Advisor why this happened. He said it was 110% coincidence, which I 120% doubted. Anyway, it’s nice to be a Communist. Sadly, the academic testing was prepared for us. Since my high school teaches in Chinese, I rarely had chance to write English essay, so I was really upset for the test. My back sored during the test, and I didn’t think the essay I wrote was a nice one. However, as I walked out of the room, the test had just gone with the wind. Forget about the test, amazing life hasn’t come yet. In the afternoon, we ate delicious chocolate, and this was my first time to see the Chocolate Fountain, and also my first time to eat strawberry with chocolate. I had no sooner finished my chocolate strawberry than I realized that I would have more “first time” in Doha. Lalalalalalala, Life is wonderful.



Oh I almost forgot, I played the Chinese musical instrument in the cultural fest.  The Chinese name of the instrument is “HULUSI”. I played it well, right?




The second of day of Orientation was no less exciting than the first day. We learned the SFS-Q curriculum during the morning session. A lot of core courses are the most charming part of Georgetown, as well as the American Education System. Even though you will have engineering or economic major in the future, you still have to learn history, philosophy, etc. which look like have nothing to do with your future major. However, Georgetown aims at building up all-rounded students, and people who want to succeed have to obtain more knowledge. It may sound boring and frustrating, but you never know what will happen in the future, and you never know how the things you learn now will contribute to your future. Steve Jobs didn’t know how the calligraphy would help him succeed during his college career, but it turned out that this course made big sense for his Apple Company.



In the evening, we hold a Community Engagement Session, during which we had dinner together with the workers and cleaners in Georgetown. We hardly had chance to know what their life is in Doha, and the session provided us a precious opportunity. I talked with a Filipino lady who is only two years older than me. Both of us loved music very much and we talked about from Justin Bibber to Bruno Mars. She also told me she smoked in order to release her pressure. I thought there are many ways to lighten our pressure, and smoking is definitely the worst one.  Georgetown, as a warm community, should provide them with a nicer environment and held activities for them based on their interests. They have been working so hard that we can have such an awesome campus. Respect is not enough; we should do something for them.



By the way, Some of Justin Bibber’s songs are really nice, but I wonder whether he will be still popular when he is as old as my dad. But it also reminds me that youth is the most valuable period of a man’s life.



 I should use my youth wisely.



The third day of Orientation was no less exciting than the first day and the second day. In the morning, all the OAs performed a splendid detective drama for us, and our mission was to find out who the murderer was. The plot was really interesting and all the actors and actresses were cable of wining Oscar. Nevertheless, I was totally lost when we were having a group discussion, trying to find out the murderer, since I had great difficulty remember all those Arabic names. (no offense :D) I was amazed by the great logic my teammates had and we finally chose the right person.  See, it was nice to be a Communist, because Big Brother is always watching the murderer.



In the afternoon, after some endless but useful presentations, we talked about the spirits of Georgetown University. In my opinion, the establishment of Georgetown, as well as other universities in Doha was extremely meaningful and effective. It not only provided people in Arabic world a great opportunity to experience the most advancing education, but also functioned to unite the Arabic Future. I thought the reason why Israeli was founded, besides the support of the western would, is contradiction and dispute are among the Arabic countries. However, some of the people who study in Education City will be the leader of their countries, and some of them will be very influential. I had no way to imagine that these people, who used to study in the same campus, same library, will fight against each other. I sincerely hoped that the HBKU can make the Arabic World more flourished and stable in the future, if not now.





After that, we set up for the outside trip. We would barbeque on the sea. Lying on the deck of the ship, looking high up the sky, listening to the music and chatting with my dear friends, I realized this is the lifestyle which I am deadly eager to possess. I told my friend, I would like to use this ship to travel around the world. Such conversation included our ideals, our values and religious belief. For me, the best class is not in the classroom, but in the real world, in the state of nature.



The fourth day, also the last day, of Orientation was no less exciting than the first day, the second day, and the third day. Indeed, it was much more exciting, because I received my Dell Laptop. However, it was also the saddest day among this week, not only because we could no longer eat the free food, but also, apparently, the Orientation was nearly to be an end. For all the OAs, this would be one of most memorable experiences in their life, especially for those seniors who will graduate next year. Here, I offer my most sincere wishes to them all. The final activity was the New Student Convocation, and I was declared to be an official Hoya after the convocation. The president was holding a torch at the beginning of the convocation, and Toby said it right, it meant we are the people to receive the torch, and to make the flame even more exuberant.



Toby and Phil. We are bros!



We are suitmen



After the Orientation


We held a tremendous dinner party for all the staff, new students, as well as their family in Georgetown. I didn’t feel sad for the fact that my parents were asleep when I was eating dinner due to the time difference, because Eman’s family was so nice that they invited me to join their dinner. I love them all.


me and Eman’s family



The end of the Orientation means another new future, a new more academic future.  During these days, I realized no matter how difficulty it may be in the future, at least I have you, all my friends in Georgetown and Education City.


People say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. For me, I just feel like home.


Feel like home.

by Xiaofei Wang  Sep 7th, 2012
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Blues, , 2:22pm on Sep 14th, 2012
things are just wonderful, like ur work!!
Sire , 2:21pm on Sep 14th, 2012
Why the hell do u post such a long essay and ask me to read... but it\\\'s really a good life experience and wish u all the best in Qatar!!!
Joshua, , 2:15pm on Sep 14th, 2012
it feels like awesome! must be a good place for u haha ( :
KeithT. , 2:11pm on Sep 14th, 2012
great to see the sentence \\\"Feel like home\\\" good luck and all the best there :)
hflshsy , 2:09pm on Sep 14th, 2012
happy learning journey there bro haha :)
Faryal , 12:52pm on Sep 14th, 2012
god one Phil!
Ardinny , 12:17pm on Sep 14th, 2012
lovely article! good luck!
Rende Kel , 6:20am on Sep 14th, 2012
pretty interesting, especially for a orientation/seems more than ordinaries
timothy , 6:14am on Sep 14th, 2012
fantastic and amazing
Xu Chen , 2:49am on Sep 14th, 2012
lol, sounds pretty fun!!!!!
Tong , 1:25am on Sep 14th, 2012
And you should know life if not easy in any way.
Tong , 1:24am on Sep 14th, 2012
no matter the result, you are growing.
Jimmy , 1:20am on Sep 14th, 2012
All the best.!!!!!
Jimmy , 1:20am on Sep 14th, 2012
Love u ! gogogo!
Jamchru , 12:22am on Sep 14th, 2012
I\\\'m kinda jealous = =...
sarah , 12:21am on Sep 14th, 2012
good job and good luck! :)
jamchru , 12:20am on Sep 14th, 2012
i\\\'m kinda jealous = =...
Helen , 12:16am on Sep 14th, 2012
good job!!!:)
zi , 12:12am on Sep 14th, 2012
now you have 100 comments!
zi , 12:12am on Sep 14th, 2012
watering and watering...hello Phil!!!
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i like the pics you posted! actually you know i\\\'m just watering....
Mari , 12:10am on Sep 14th, 2012
Happy ending!!!!!
Sakib Mahmoud , 12:09am on Sep 14th, 2012
Nice :)
Lusis , 12:07am on Sep 14th, 2012
Good luck . you deserve it
Helen , 12:05am on Sep 14th, 2012
I know you will win if facebook is not blocked in china.
Yue Xian , 11:59pm on Sep 13th, 2012
It\\\'s hard to sign in facebook in china. finally I made it. 加油啊!
Layanne Malluhi , 11:58pm on Sep 13th, 2012
This was a joy to read :)
I hope you win!
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So much interesting experience.
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Bush doesn\\\'t kill u!
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I was totally amazed..
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Great job. Best wishes!
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Great Job! Well done! Enjoy your new life there! Take care!
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Well-written. Sure! Everything will be better.
Robin Luo , 1:51pm on Sep 13th, 2012
Nice article, I really love your words from heart. I\\\'m so glad that you are enjoying your exotic college life. Good luck with that. \\\"life is a box of chocolates\\\", you have chosen something different.
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good job!
Jenny Lv , 5:07am on Sep 13th, 2012
Jenny Lv , 5:06am on Sep 13th, 2012
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Jenny Lv , 5:06am on Sep 13th, 2012
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Rebecca , 8:55pm on Sep 12th, 2012
You are just so AWESOME!!! Fight on!!
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I\\\'m so surprised and excited to read ur article and pics. And it\\\'s so nice to know that u r so happy. How wonderful! It must be a wonderful place. Hope u will hv a happy life there and be happy everyday. Smile! Remember? I\\\'m so proud of u. Just Go, Phil,and GOOD LUCK!
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Love to see people praising GTown! Fantastic school!
Yiqiu Lou , 1:13am on Sep 11th, 2012
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Hoya Saxa! :)
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wow! Nice to see Qatar under your pen.
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I am really enjoying to read your article again and again!I can\\\'t get out from the things you wrote.
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A big big man will win a big big life. 兄弟,加油!我在中国等你。
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Inspiring story. Really passionate with emotions attached. This is gonna be yours (Y)
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Kmolin Fu , 9:27am on Sep 10th, 2012
I really see ur bright future!
Ivane , 2:07am on Sep 10th, 2012
The NSO was fantastic. It made me feel that I\\\'m opening doors to new beginnings. Nice job summing it up, Phil!
Ivane , 1:53am on Sep 10th, 2012
Coming from a rather similar financial situation, I understand and even shared some of the frustrations you mentioned about the FA application, the long wait and such. The curriculum in my country is also very different from here, and I admit the adjustment may take a while. It is admirable to feel all those emotions during the NSO. I\\\'m not trying to be dramatic but I think all those entering college should notice the change and transition, too. I\\\'ve been to a previous college, we didn\\\'t have orientations and were just thrown into the world of university life. I didn\\\'t feel any different, just confused. And frankly it didn\\\'t herald any change in my outlook or disposition in life. Somewhere along the lines of \\\"What will be will be\\\". That\\\'s why Georgetown is so special. It\\\'s a new beginning and hope for the future.
Jehan , 11:04pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Nice article you can write Great English
Penny Wang , 11:00pm on Sep 9th, 2012
so yea, even though you chose GU over NU, i still wish you a successful 4 years ahead of you
cody , 10:47pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Great job man, i really like what you wrote
Kevin , 10:44pm on Sep 9th, 2012
good job man keep doing what you need to do.
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Why is that so damn long??
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So heartwarming!
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good luck.!
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I just know you will make it~
Keep moving
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The only thing this article is lacking is the Penny Seal of Approval. Other than that it\\\'s awesome like me, so I feel compelled to like it.
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要不要写得这么长啊。But I have to say, the article is quite touching.
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NIce Article really detailed.
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Long time no see Man. sounds like you have a nice college life~ keep in touch
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Great experiences and all the best for the rest of your journey in Qatar! :)
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It\\\'s good to see your life in Qatar.Keep moving!Bright future is waiting for you!
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Interesting blog..
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It\\\'s good to see that your life is colorful in Qatar.Keep moving!Bright future is waiting for you!
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Phil‘s article shows his exciting attitude for life and a passion for his university ! !!!!
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Awesome, Chair!! Qatar seems so good!
BEST , 3:39pm on Sep 9th, 2012
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Keep moving forward :)
Hisham , 11:59am on Sep 9th, 2012
Salman , 11:50am on Sep 9th, 2012
Dude, I agree, you\\\'re such a drama queen! QUUEN!
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Well done Phil! Keep up the good work, hope you end up winning!
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Dude that was great!
Keep it up!
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I enjoyed reading this Phil. Excellent work :)
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Almaha , 11:33pm on Sep 8th, 2012
Jan , 10:10pm on Sep 8th, 2012
Well Done!
Sunny , 6:44pm on Sep 8th, 2012
Really happy you are doing so great Phil. Qatar seems like a really nice place!
mido , 6:22pm on Sep 8th, 2012
Loved the article even though I was with you for most part of last week, I was jumping of my chair to know what was coming next! Hope you win man, and you feel at home here at GU and HBKU :)
Ysa Chandna , 4:41pm on Sep 8th, 2012
Excellent post, Pungyaow! =)
Usama , 3:14pm on Sep 8th, 2012
nice job!
Maram , 2:16pm on Sep 8th, 2012
we will always be your friends and family :D HOYA SAXA!!!!
Eman Z. , 11:43am on Sep 8th, 2012
Nicely done, Phil! Hoya Saxa! :D
Li , 9:53am on Sep 8th, 2012
CLEO , 9:53am on Sep 8th, 2012
Penny , 9:45am on Sep 8th, 2012
you are such a drama
Eman Thowfeek , 9:04am on Sep 8th, 2012
My family enjoyed meeting you too Phil. This is a really good representation of our NSO week. Good luck!
Capo , 2:46am on Sep 8th, 2012
Good for u! Decorate ur new home with ur knowledge!
Penny , 1:43am on Sep 8th, 2012
Thank you for mentioning me in your article! I didn\\\'t know I had such a huge influence on you, but, oh well, I\\\'m glad you like it here :p

Ps. You are such a drama queen..... Lol
Muhame , 1:08am on Sep 8th, 2012
nice artical
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