Mohammad Taimoor Zahid: CMUQ Orientation

I reached the city of Doha on the 22nd of August. I was scared because I had never stepped out of my home country without my family. The OPA’s were waiting for me at the airport, finally at 4 in the morning I was at education city. A CDA handed me the orientation booklet and so it began. The HBKU orientation team had a number of things prepared for the new students, my favorite of which was the city tour. We saw around Doha and I realized that this place could be my new home. We saw the Islamic art museum which was beautiful.




The HBKU orientation team had other activities planned for us, one of my favorite was the charades game at Texas A&M. It was fun and really interactive.




Following this the next biggest thing was the Cultural night. I had so much fun practicing for it; I befriended not only freshmen but sophomores and juniors during these rehearsals. Our seniors were fun and they were so accepting that for once I felt like I was back home. At night time I used to come out of my dorms to walk around EC and every time I would find a familiar face, I used to sit with our CDA’s in the FB3 building and we shared some really nice moments where we would laugh the night away.



Finally the cultural night was here, this is the picture of the last night of practice.




The HBKU orientation helped me in so many ways. I was scared that I would only befriend CMU students but this orientation helped me make friends throughout EC, I got to know people and I know for sure that I can trust most of them. The people here are accepting and very good natured in general.


Following this was the CMU-Q class of 2016 orientation. I accept that when I went there I had no idea that I was about to be amazed in way I couldn’t even imagine. The first day was tiring but it was so amazing, for the first time in my life I played a human maze, a game designed by the orientation team of CMU-Q. It took us a while to finally figure out how it worked but once we understood it, it became one of the best game I ever played.




So the 2nd day was more occupied with our own tribes, I was lucky to be joined by such good people in my tribe, the palm tree islanders. We painted our flag and came up with our tribe cheer, it was so much fun. We also had a couple of sessions with office of international admissions and the student majlis which were both very interactive.



The 3rd day was easily one of the best, I met my professors and got to know more about my major. It was more of an academic day but it was really nice. I met students from my major and got to know more about everybody else. Funny enough, I was the only international student in my IS major, scary thought but my class mates were really welcoming and it took no time in becoming good friends with all of them. After lunch we had another really fun ice breaking sessions where all the tribes had to make a cave with balloons.  



The last day of orientation came, and as excited I was about classes starting, I was a little sad inside that all the fun of the orientation was soon to go by and this once in a life time experience was nearly over. The orientation team gave us a small but remember able souvenir, it was small framed picture of us from our first day of orientation. The orientation was fun from the amazing board game to the shouting between tartans and wildcats to the final dinner. Every bit of time spend in those 4 days are forever printed upon my memory. I thank every single person in the CMU-Q orientation team for the hard work they put into the orientation and in making sure that every freshmen left with a tartan mark forever printed upon their hearts. I am proud to say that I am a part of Carnegie Mellon University for my heart is in the work.




by Mohammad Taimoor Zahid  Sep 9th, 2012
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Zain Shahid , 7:00pm on Sep 12th, 2012
Ahlan!!!!! \\\"Welcome\\\" to the city of sun and sand:)...Best of Luck and Enjoy your stay;). Cheers!
Dawar , 7:43pm on Sep 11th, 2012
Good luck, Saandi!
Study hard, Partaayy harder. :D
sarah , 7:42pm on Sep 10th, 2012
Best of luck with your stay in Carnegie Mellon. You deserve the best!
Ghousiabano Ghofran Ali , 7:27pm on Sep 10th, 2012
Well written piece. Wish you all the best for the future and hope you make your parents and country proud.
SOHAIB SHEIKH , 1:43pm on Sep 10th, 2012
Congrats on joining the college...Cherish these years as they are the best in your life, Keep Enjoying....
Humayun Ikram , 11:53am on Sep 10th, 2012
Nice to read your blog, Learning is such a fun.

Best of luck.
Talal A. Khan , 7:45am on Sep 10th, 2012
Now that must be fun- seems wonderful place and you are enjoying it. Nice piece of writing - hoping to see more of it ..
Natilla Bilal , 5:01am on Sep 10th, 2012
good luck
Mubashar , 12:13am on Sep 10th, 2012
Great to have you with us as a part of the EC family :)
Maha , 10:22pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Great job...keep it up! =)
Anthony , 10:10pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Bravooooo!!! Well written!!
abdullah malik , 10:08pm on Sep 9th, 2012
make us proud man
ali , 10:07pm on Sep 9th, 2012
definitely a good read =)
Maham , 10:07pm on Sep 9th, 2012
wow! good to know that you\\\'re enjoying! work hard and party hard ^^
Zeeshan , 9:54pm on Sep 9th, 2012
And good luck with the competition
Zeeshan hanif , 9:54pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Good job!
khadija zahid , 9:49pm on Sep 9th, 2012
very nicely described boy.. good to hear you are well settled now.. sounds like you had great fun in all these events. best of luck in your new home.
zahid , 9:36pm on Sep 9th, 2012
very well written!
Arslan Saigol , 9:14pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Very nicely done Taimoor .. glad you are liking it there .. have fun bro .. best of luck !! :)
Faiq , 9:06pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Great work Taimoor :D
Hisham , 7:47pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Nice Work.
Mahad , 7:05pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Fairly interesting!
Hazem Asif , 7:02pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Go Tartan !
ahmed , 6:53pm on Sep 9th, 2012
level is
Saad , 6:52pm on Sep 9th, 2012
good yaar
Talha , 6:51pm on Sep 9th, 2012
its great to know you\\\'ve settled in and most importantly loving the new experience. Best of luck and prayers for you!
muneeb , 6:50pm on Sep 9th, 2012
nice work :D
Asjad Saleemi , 6:48pm on Sep 9th, 2012
Brilliant man. This is terrific work :) Keep it up
Amna , 11:27am on Sep 9th, 2012
I am glad you found a place which makes you happy. And what you wrote is awesome. =)
saif , 10:49am on Sep 9th, 2012
a good read!
Mehr Javed , 7:58am on Sep 9th, 2012
It is such a good overview. Glad you are having fun :)
Sameer , 5:22am on Sep 9th, 2012
wowglad to see you\\\'ve settled in nicely and it sounds a beautiful place and i can tell that you\\\'re very excited!! Goodluck mate
Guru , 1:52am on Sep 9th, 2012
Great way to describe the orientation Taimoor!it was definitely a one of a kind experience
shadman khan , 1:49am on Sep 9th, 2012
wonderful piece of work
Ali Najeeb , 1:37am on Sep 9th, 2012
really nice man.
Salman Waqar , 1:35am on Sep 9th, 2012
Awesome man. This was your dream, make it count and make me and your family proud.
hamza , 1:32am on Sep 9th, 2012
Salman Waqar , 1:26am on Sep 9th, 2012
Awesome man. This was your dream, make it count and make me and your family proud.
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