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CMUQ Entertainment Night
by Ali Naqi  25 Nov 2012
CMUQ Entertainment Night

After a long week, students look for a way to take a deserved break. Entertainment Night is one of those events that encourages students to socialize and have a great time. The event consists of three things, video games, table tennis and a movie.


Entertainment Night is an event planned by three clubs at Carnegie Mellon Qatar - the Gaming Club, the Table Tennis Club and the Computing Club. We start Entertainment Night off with the gaming aspect, which starts at 5pm. For the most recent Entertainment Night the Gaming Club held their FiFA 13 game tournament. Prior to the event the Gaming Club held preliminary FiFA game tournaments and they concluded with semi-finals and finals during Entertainment Night. Students gathered in the East-West walkway either to compete or to just have a good time.


Alongside the Gaming Club tournament the Table Tennis club held their second tournament. Students compete with each other in a vigorous game for the tournament title. Several students showed up for to experience the second Table Tennis tournament and students gathered to support their friends in some very exhilarating matches.


After some intense FiFA 13 and Table Tennis tournaments students want to relax and socialize. This is where the Computing Club comes in. Entertainment Night is concluded with a movie and dinner. A week prior to the event the Computing Club for the first time allowed the CMUQ community to vote on the movie they wanted to watch. Based on the votes received the Computing Club showed “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” and they provided food from Turkey Central for dinner. Students gathered in the room and watched a great animated movie together.



What a perfect way to end entertainment night and a long a stressful week ?

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