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Sheikha Mozah; "Inspiration" is an understatement for what this woman is
by Yasser Khan  29 Nov 2012
Sheikha Mozah;

Often times we don't really feel the magnitude of how amazing Sheikha Mozah is.  It is about time paused, reflected, and shared the inspiration, which is Shekha Mozah.  This week and last, Sheikha Mozah has been in the news quite a few times - and it was all about WISE.  Lets face it, with media partners like Euro News, Al Jazeera, Al Hayat,International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, New African and Times of India, it is no surprise that WISE is taking over all the newspapers and news television channels all around the world.  We may have faced a bit of 'WISE overload' - nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

But I just wanted to pause for a while and reflect on the two big things Sheikha Mozah has done this semester.  Earlier in the semester she signed up at Hamad Hospital to become an organ donor.  

"“Our aim in Qatar is to become self-sufficient as a country and every single one of us must reflect seriously, as our religious duty demands, on how we can play a part in this effort.” said Her Highness.

Often times, in the past, I wondered what Her Highness meant by "community development" in the Qatar Foundation vision.  Yes, we have Qatar Debates, and Al Jazeera Childrens' Channel, and The Doha Debates and the Barcelona sponsorship (which we don't have anymore, I hear :(), but I never was convinced about it.  And finally I was silenced by a subtle yet very impactful decision by our role model, Sheikha Mozah.  

Last week at WISE, Her Highness launched a new worldwide access to education campaign that targets sixty one million children in conflict struck, poverty prone areas of the world.  The program is called "Educate A Child."  

“Educate A Child will reignite the world’s commitment to the hardest-to-reach children and the forgotten children. Our mission is to turn attention back to the disadvantaged children of today, who could become confident adults tomorrow and in turn fulfill their potential, if we just give them the opportunity.” Her Highness said, at the launch of the campaign on the second day of WISE.  

With this being said, Qatar Foundation and Her Highness makes the news pretty much every single day.  And sometimes, we cannot completely grasp the magnitude of the amazing work this person has been doing.  Possibly because we are so used it - Qatar Foundation has become a part of the fabric of us - the students, staff and faculty at Education City.  But just reflecting back on this semester, on these two steps Sheikha Mozah has taken, I feel so very proud to be a part of this organization and am so happy that we have a role model like Sheikha Mozah to follow here in Education City, in Doha and around the world.  

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