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Florent is a Junior at Education City’s Northwestern University.  He is majoring in Communication Studies and is one of the Web-Journalists & Web-Editors of the project.  In Education City, he is one of the founders of the Human Rights Student Organization and the Build & Broadcast Syndicate.  Currently, he is working on the See The Other Side project and our very own  Professionally, Florent is passionate about social media and integrated marketing communications.  In his spare time, he likes reminiscing of the good old days when ‘free time’ was an existent term in his life.  You can find him on and


             One summer morning, the Dean of the School of Communication in Northwestern came up to me and initiated an informal conversation.  She had lauded my efforts of a Omer Mohammed and myself in initiating and running the social media campaign for the Doha Debates.  On this note, she told me about the project which was directed to her by the Office of Students, Staff & Faculty (OFSS) at Qatar Foundation’s Education Division and she had asked me if she could recommend my name for some web-content social-media related consultation for  Knowing very little about the p roject, I reluctantly said yes.  Soon, I had received a email from Jassim Al Muftah and Arwa Ifnouf from the OFSS to brainstorm on this project.  I was hooked to the idea of from the moment Arwa and Jassim started talking.  And thus began this amazing journey of something that I felt was something phenomenal.


              What is  I have made this speech several times in the past four months, and here I am doing it all over again – has been existent for a few years now and had catered to the needs to prospective students.  It had useful information about the universities here in Education City, how to apply to them, various test-requirement and other information useful to students planning on attending or applying to Education City universities.  The OFSS decided to change focus and diversify the audience for and hence with the new restructure plan, is attempting to cater to not only prospective students, but also faculty, staff and alumni.  Along with this, the new revamp will be closely integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.  The new wants to document everything and anything in Education City in the form of blogs, vlogs, articles and photos with not just their amazing team of student web-journalists and web-editors but student, staff, faculty and alumni volunteers to tell the larger Education City community about the organizations they are in, the events they are planning, the photos they are taking, the internships they are working at, the researches they are performing, the cool initiatives they are participating in and maybe even reflections on their life here in Education City.  We want the whole of Education City to know what cool stuff we have been up to on campus.


      is not like running a newspaper online or having an informational website to answer your questions. is like a ‘live yearbook’ where we tell you whatever is happening in Education City in a funky, fresh and exciting way and you can tell us what we don’t know about Education City that we need to.  MyEducationCity is all over – you can reach us via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and of course on our website itself.  This is your platform to make Education City a smaller place – to get all of us closer to each other – to let prospective students know about the vibrance of Education City and let the alumni reminisce on the good times they are missing out on. hopes to build the Education City community in a way it has never been achieved before.  So, ‘like’ us on Facebook, ‘follow’ us on Twitter, comment on our blogs and start contributing to with your own content be it in the form of blogs or photos.  Help make us showcase the uniqueness and vibrance of Education City.

by Florent D’Souza  Dec 11th, 2010
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