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 'Describe your favourite part of the freshmen orientation' 



Having 'survived' through two extremely boring orientations before I came to the Education City, I wasn't looking forward to the freshmen orientation at all ! And to make matters worse it also had to be a long four days of orientaion =/  In fact, I was one of those people who were waiting for the orientation to get over fast. 


Contrary to the fact that I was not looking forward AT ALL to the orientation I was really excited to see Carnegie Mellon's architecture, its grandeur, and ofcourse the atrium. I got off the bus and the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the building in front of me was ofcourse...... "just how hot the weather was that dayy !"  taking a deep breath I crossed the road and the second thought that came into my mind was "OMG that's one lonnggg walk way!! " and then when I reached near the gates it opened by itself just like magic =D


So far so good. I walked through the East-West walkway and when I turned left I felt as if someone just punched me on my stomach. There were just too many new people out there ! and not just new people , there were different types of peple ! tall people , short people ohh I meant people from different countries, speaking different languages, and having different cultural backgorunds. I was really confused and didn't know what to do and found myself getting shy *irritated face* after all this was the first time I have changed my school, my city and my country. I was really uncomfortable. 


Then I heard Bilal ( one of our HOCs) shout 'TARTANSS' and all the OCs shouting 'AHOYYY'. And since we had a pirates theme throughout the orientation,this call marked the official start of the Carnegie Mellon Freshmen Orientation 2011 ! "I think I made it sound like the starting of a football game=s" well the activities that followed consisted mainly of ice breakers like there was one chinese whispers, and one that involved everyone to stand in a  circle and follow the leader. Well I need not go into to what what we did in the orientation so I'll just skip to the part I liked the best about our Orientation. 


Hmm, the activity I liked the most was  making the tower activity. The tricky part was to make the tower with balloons and the winners were to be the one who'll build the tallest tower ! We were given three big packets of balloons and we had to work as a team to blow them, tie them, then stick the balloons together all around the tallest guy in the group. What seemed simple took a lot of effort and after the allotted time was over, I could see the once scatterred groups gathered all together around their towers and taking photographs, everyone smiling, chatting, laughing Carnegie Mellon didnt really seem new to me then, it felt like home..ok ok enough emotions for a day =P I still haven't told my favourite part as yet *evil smile* the winners were announced and we heard some balloons bursting and then there was a chain of people bursting all the balloons. Everyone was bursting any balloon they could find ! People were jumping on balloons with wide smiles on their faces " just like this :D :D " it was sooooo much fun too !  and that moment we weren't just bursting balloons but we also burst out of our own nutshells :-) 


This was the Carnegie Mellon Freshmen Orientation. And a lot of the thanks to all the HOCs, the OCs and oh the red shirts too "sorry I forgot what you were called" . Had it not been for the wonderful orientation you guys prepared it would not have been possible for me to not only make the transition from high school  to university but also from one country to another country. TARTANS AHOY :-)


Name:Tanzeel Huda
Carnegie Mellon University
Class of 2015

by Tanzeel Huda  Sep 9th, 2011
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hamid , 3:20pm on Sep 14th, 2011
it jus made me feel that i was present at the scenario! a piece of ingenious art i must say! (:
Agha Hamza , 6:03pm on Sep 13th, 2011
Well Written tanzeel .. u wrote a very comprehensive account which keeps the readers the readers attention till the very end due to the humor. ..

Mustafa Hasnain , 11:03am on Sep 13th, 2011
Good stuff Tanzeel, good to see you had fun.
Taha , 9:28am on Sep 13th, 2011
like x infinity! =D
Kanza , 9:27am on Sep 13th, 2011
WOW!!.. well written.. the bursting balloon part was really amusing!
looks like Carnegie Mellon provided you with a chance to look back at your childhood :P
Faisal , 8:17pm on Sep 12th, 2011
mujtaba , 10:36am on Sep 12th, 2011
well written!
Zaryab Janbaz , 8:33am on Sep 12th, 2011
Great work bro :) enjoyed it!
Hassaan Ijaz , 12:30am on Sep 12th, 2011
aao gee
Daniyal , 12:24am on Sep 12th, 2011
awesum ;)
Shayan , 12:17am on Sep 12th, 2011
I liked the essay Tanzeel great work :)
kanza huda , 11:43pm on Sep 11th, 2011
great essay bhaia =)
zaveri , 8:25pm on Sep 11th, 2011
well written..
Sundus Qasim , 5:21pm on Sep 11th, 2011
All set to conquer Mellon after Pats? =)
Nicely written, Masha Allah =)
Mustafa , 11:47am on Sep 11th, 2011
nice article man.. best of luck :)
Rafay , 5:19am on Sep 11th, 2011
:D Nice article telling the in-depth of the freshmen orientation and your thoughts about it.

Btw, were the activities arranged by kindergarten teachers? Lol.
Moiz Khan , 1:43am on Sep 11th, 2011
GoodWork Mate !
Ubaidullah , 11:46pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Nice article! It really gives an insite as to how a new person feels at Carnegie Mellon University.
Amna , 11:39pm on Sep 10th, 2011
U described the entire event like an excited kid its qiute original !! :)
laiba , 10:58pm on Sep 10th, 2011
well written.:)
Rehan , 10:57pm on Sep 10th, 2011
great essay
shaima , 10:49pm on Sep 10th, 2011
its very well written..
Arun Rawlani , 10:24pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Well written bhai. Superb stuff !
Glad to see your having an amazing time at Carnegie Mellon. :)
hasan , 10:22pm on Sep 10th, 2011
nice blog
Saad Ahmed Asim , 10:08pm on Sep 10th, 2011
nice stuff Tanzeel :)
Zayyad , 10:03pm on Sep 10th, 2011
great work! :)
talha , 10:00pm on Sep 10th, 2011
well written! best luck for ur future.
Umber , 9:57pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Great =) I liked the bursting balloon part =p
maarij , 9:55pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Great,keep it up!!!! :)
Shoaib Mehmood Nagi , 9:54pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Good luck with your journey ahead. :)
Zunain , 9:52pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Great blog Tanzeel Bhai! May Allah shower his blessings on you in Carnegie Mellon.
bev , 9:52pm on Sep 10th, 2011
well written :)
salwa , 9:45pm on Sep 10th, 2011
seems like your having a good time :)
Maliha , 9:37pm on Sep 10th, 2011
A well deserving candidate for iPad indeed! Best of luck :)
Layal , 9:35pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Am glad you had fun in orientation :)
tanzeel , 9:19pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Thank you guys =)
alizay , 8:09am on Sep 10th, 2011
Well written ^^ are you sure what you wrote about was an orientation? ;p orientations cant be THAT fun. :p
Sama , 11:01pm on Sep 9th, 2011
This is so touching ! and i couldn\\\'t stop smiling, great great job !!
Rabiya Jawed , 10:54pm on Sep 9th, 2011
Good to know the youth of today is still a kid at heart :D glad that you\\\'re having an amazing time :)
Haris Gala , 10:28pm on Sep 9th, 2011
well written article..... straight from the heart as it seems.....
tanzeel , 10:17pm on Sep 9th, 2011
guys comment here
Jahanzaib , 10:11pm on Sep 9th, 2011
I always admired Tanzeel bhai. He was my role model and yet he is. I miss you bhai. Hope Allah showers success on you in Carnegie Mellon.
Loved the review.
Farjad Khan , 10:11pm on Sep 9th, 2011
Great Blog
adnan , 10:11pm on Sep 9th, 2011
must\\\'ve felt great to be in such a university?
Noor-ul-huda , 4:11pm on Sep 9th, 2011
great :)
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