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One of Texas A&M University traditions is The Ring. It is a ring that seniors obtain and wear and become recognized in years after wherever they go. People become very proud when they receive that ring. However, from the first time I knew about Texas A&M University at Qatar, I really desired very much wearing the T-shirt that has Texas A&M University at Qatar. It felt like ten rings on my hand.




We have had three days of orientation, ten hours a day with all meals provided – delicious meals. Not only did the orientation team present an outstanding picture about the university, but also they succeeded in making us feel what is to be an Aggie (the cool name of students and staff members of Texas A&M University). The sense of one family, one spirit, and one pride was filled in us, and was at its climax every time they mentioned the class of 2015 and we screamed out loud with our wildcat “A’aaaaay.”







“You are the most excited freshman. I like that” an orientation leader told me. But why would not I be excited? I was hyped in a matter of fact. It was an exciting event, and everyone was enjoying it. I did too, especially all the free things we were given including the laptops. I have been waiting for this opportunity for two years now. And when it came, I was the most hyped, most excited student in the group and I didn’t want to miss any second.



The international students were another fascinating facet provided in the environment of Texas A&M University at Qatar. I have met people from other religions, other cultures, and other parts of the world. I have met people who had no idea about where I come form – Yemen, and thus it was exciting to talk about my country. I have met people with very different accents, and the most interesting ones were those who were very hard to understand what they were saying, and I was just shaking my head as if I understood.

The building of TAMUQ was one of the few things that captivated me and made me and will always make me brag about my university TAMUQ everywhere I go.

As for the short description of what I have been in, I would say that we, freshmen, were handled to professional hands that made sure we adore TAMUQ before we start the hard classes. They succeeded. And here we are on our first weekend, looking forward to being the Aggies who all the people in the whole world will look up to.

I congratulate myself, my fellow freshmen, the administration of TAMUQ, and envy the coming freshmen of the next year of all the spoiling they will receive.

by Haitham Al-Haidari  Sep 10th, 2011
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ayman , 11:30pm on Sep 15th, 2011
keep it man u r the best
that s amazing
Zeeshan , 1:08pm on Sep 15th, 2011
Bassam , 10:15am on Sep 15th, 2011
AMAzing..... Keep it up
Ysuske , 11:47pm on Sep 14th, 2011
it\\\'s just awesome !
Asma Chowdhury , 11:14pm on Sep 14th, 2011
We enjoyed planning your orientation too...GO AGGIES WHOOP!
AMAL AL HAIDARI( YEMEN) , 11:10pm on Sep 14th, 2011
do your best bro and don\\\'t accept rather than the star
Gadafi , 10:33pm on Sep 14th, 2011
Who are you ?
Ali Saleh , 10:31pm on Sep 14th, 2011
Awesome article man
Dillan , 9:33pm on Sep 14th, 2011
Great job mate!
dina farea , 8:37pm on Sep 13th, 2011
Very Amazing assay Haitham you are great . I like it.
Dalal , 2:04pm on Sep 13th, 2011
Interesting, well done Haitham !
Akanksha , 9:55pm on Sep 12th, 2011
Glad you loved and enjoyed orientation. We\\\'re happy to have Aggies like you! :)
Khalid hassaan , 6:46pm on Sep 12th, 2011
and hope you win the iPad !
Khalid hassaan , 6:44pm on Sep 12th, 2011
i like your spirit Haitham , wish you all the best
Ibrahim , 6:39pm on Sep 12th, 2011
Nice !
Abdullah , 6:30pm on Sep 12th, 2011
really awesome ! Go Haitham!!
Husam Zaki , 5:37pm on Sep 12th, 2011
Congratulations my best friend i wish you all the best and i felicitate you for this amazing article!

I hope to hear from you asap!

Best regards
Yaz , 5:29pm on Sep 12th, 2011
keep up the awesome work :D
Mohammed Alsaidi , 3:31pm on Sep 12th, 2011
Well done ;)
ayman dahan , 12:49pm on Sep 12th, 2011
all the best ^^
Kamal (Yemen) , 2:12am on Sep 12th, 2011
Go for it Haitham, man I believe in ur skills :)
Mahmoud Hassan , 12:07am on Sep 12th, 2011
it was really fun :D
Mahmoud , 10:58pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Salah Addin , 9:57pm on Sep 11th, 2011
good job,,,, brilliant
dina mahmoud , 9:48pm on Sep 11th, 2011
good luck Hitham!!!
Adonis , 9:30pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Yo man I\\\'m retarded and I can\\\'t shoot. Can you please teach me?
Taha El Aradi , 9:29pm on Sep 11th, 2011
You Are an Idiot and I am Gay!!!
Mouhammad Hijab , 9:22pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Good job and good luck! :)
Ashraf Al Sharawi , 7:53pm on Sep 11th, 2011
yala more comments!!
maha deghbag , 7:42pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Reallly nicee Hitham..n btw I am the orientation leader who told u “You are the most excited freshman. I like that” :P Good luckkk :)
Samir , 6:39pm on Sep 11th, 2011
kewl :)
Ashraf Emad Al Sharawi , 6:22pm on Sep 11th, 2011
keep it up ya man ;)
Alya , 5:35pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Great blog about an awesome three days with you amazing freshies. =D
ahmed bawazier , 4:55pm on Sep 11th, 2011
good luck with that !!
Ghaida , 4:54pm on Sep 11th, 2011
I\\\'m glad you enjoyed the orientation! ^-^
Farea , 4:51pm on Sep 11th, 2011
good job! Keep up the high spirits :)
walaa abdullah , 4:38pm on Sep 11th, 2011
niiiice, i like it and keep it up
Ashraf Al Sharawi , 3:56pm on Sep 11th, 2011
we are there for you man, share the prize with us when you win XD
Haitham , 3:45pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Thanks people....i meant every word in that...its just how i felt,,i wish it for all though :)
abdulrahman , 3:15pm on Sep 11th, 2011
best of luck bro
ebraheem , 2:58pm on Sep 11th, 2011
Amjed , 1:42pm on Sep 11th, 2011
im applying next year insha\\\'allah

wish u good luck dude :)
Ali aleryani , 12:09pm on Sep 11th, 2011
u r the best =)
DariaD , 10:04am on Sep 11th, 2011
Haitham, may I say you are the greatest?
Awssome , 8:18am on Sep 11th, 2011
Yasmin K. Kassem , 7:55am on Sep 11th, 2011
Well written and very interesting! The essay converyed what being an Aggie is all about. Great job, Haitham! ;)
Yasmin K. Kassem , 7:46am on Sep 11th, 2011
Well written and very interesting! The essay conveyed what being an Aggie is all about. Great job, Haitham! :)
Ramon , 7:20am on Sep 11th, 2011
Awesome blog. Quite funny too! Good luck
ZACK , 7:01am on Sep 11th, 2011
Ahmed , 5:41am on Sep 11th, 2011
Good job keep it on !!!
Mohamed Abdulaziz , 11:59pm on Sep 10th, 2011
U changed the formula \\\'study hard, play hard\\\' to \\\'play hard, study hard\\\'. That\\\'s innovation. Congrat\\\'s!!
Hadeel5010 , 11:22pm on Sep 10th, 2011
wow... I like it ^^
Mohammed , 11:09pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Good luck buddy...
Ahmed Al-Arefi , 11:04pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Omar , 10:52pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Mustafa Abdullah , 10:40pm on Sep 10th, 2011
to the most powerful and studious one i have seen in my life ,you are realy deserve more than any thing valuable .surly you will win .
NOOR , 10:38pm on Sep 10th, 2011
good luck
Lamya , 10:32pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Marwa , 10:26pm on Sep 10th, 2011
I like it...its amazing
Omar , 10:24pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Good job.
Marwa , 10:21pm on Sep 10th, 2011
I like it ..its amazing
haothem , 10:19pm on Sep 10th, 2011
wooooow man it look awesome ... am happy for you ^.^
and don\\\'t forget to give me some of them meals when you come :P
Xyz , 10:07pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Mohammed , 10:06pm on Sep 10th, 2011
great read
helmi , 10:05pm on Sep 10th, 2011
not sure what is this...but GOOD job...
Hisham , 9:59pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Haitham, well written blog. You paint an accurate picture and your enthusiasm is admirable.
saleh , 9:53pm on Sep 10th, 2011
you are all genius and I wish you bright future.
Shehab Karman , 9:48pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Yeah it seems you are the most excited student for real. I like that spirit you have and I know you will always keep it up, not just for the iPhone or iPad or whatever it\\\'s called that you would get lol.. no, but for the high passion you have... just go on man and wish you all the best! :)
T. Salma , 9:47pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Best of luck :)
belal , 9:46pm on Sep 10th, 2011
lovely you made me love that place so much
T. Salma , 9:44pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Like :)
Layla , 9:41pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Will pass ;)
Omar alsaqqaf , 9:40pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Good luck for all
AMR , 9:39pm on Sep 10th, 2011
how excited you are reflects how amazing is the university! not just in terms of facilities but also in the extremely organized orientation that play a major role in preparing students for their coming new student life.. all the best for you and your new student life..!
Walid , 9:38pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Brilliant.. You always impress!
arafat , 9:34pm on Sep 10th, 2011
yes,that is sounds good and i wish to join the programm oneday
Anas , 9:32pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Nice. Makes us so proud. Keep up the good job, sir. Profoundly admired.
Zeyad Khayyat , 9:12pm on Sep 10th, 2011
Right you are ! We were given an orientation that we could only dream about, and thanks to our Orientation Leaders it came true. Gig \\\'em aggies !!
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