NUQ Orientation

After one amazing summer, had a great time, it was time for university. Now we would all be excited about shifting to this new life we are all about to encounter but still felling, you know…like it’s all new to you. But the Wildcat spirit killed that “Being an Outcast” feeling. The orientation week was great for us, not just to meet and greet, but also to work together and allow us to bond to make our 1st week of university look like its just another week its just routine. We had a chance to see the library and most of all to see the DVD section, which is really an important factor that would increase our visits to the library. We also got to meet the Admissions

people, the whole orientation we have been just listening for hours about how their job is to take care of us and that if we need anything we should just go to them, its all repetitive really, don’t bother with the details…. I didn’t. Lectures then lectures and then more lectures is what most of the orientation was about, and we all thought it was going to be like that, well until we had to work on the “Skit”, now on the skit you just go up on the stage and imitate any character you thought was interesting or funny in the orientation, along with your group. That part was seriously hilarious, especially if you’re in the Media and journalism school, your job is to criticize others and be a judgmental critic of some sort. So that suited each student perfectly and no one was shy to be a lateral thinker and really just entertain the audience on the account of others. Our peer mentors were the coolest though; they were like making this whole university environment clearer for us. And it only took us a week for us to all get into this wildcat spirit, at the YA HALA event, we felt it, purple shirts, faces all painted purple and WILDCATS being shouted all over the place. We are all just proud to be part of this uniquely purple university, Northwestern.


-Yousef Khalil

by Yousef Khalil  Jan 10th, 2011
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