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The Faculty and Staff Life Committee under the Office of Faculty & Student Services is known to pull-off the most interesting and fun events at Education City. These events are focused at attracting faculty and staff here at Education City to foster collegiality and enhance intellectual curiously and of course build community among the staff and faculty here at Education City. caught up with Ouidad Bounama, Faculty Staff Activities Coordinator at the OFSS about QF sponsoring two exclusive screenings at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.



In collaboration with the Doha Film Institute, the Faculty & Staff Life Committee sponsored the screening of Yasemin Samdereli’s Almanya – Welcome to Germany and Naif Al Mutawa’s The 99 Unbound.




Almanya – Welcome to Germany is a film about the German-Turkish diaspora. Lead organizer, Ouidad Bounama felt that the theme of Almanya reflected the cosmopolitan nature of our community here at QF.  “It was a comedy, but was also very emotionally touching.  We all laughed and cried together,” she said.







The 99 Unbound is a film based on a popular Kuwaiti children’s comic book.  The film revolves around the mysterious ‘noor’ stone bearers who posses super-human powers to fight evil in the world.  The film is based on the characters created by Kuwaiti-American, Naif Al Mutawa and aims to take Islamic tradition to children all over the world.







Both film screenings were organized exclusively for the QF community and an intellectually stimulating question and answer session followed the screenings.



The Faculty & Staff Life Committee has a whole bunch of interesting and fun events and programs coming up next semester.  In January the committee will be organizing the second edition of the Faculty & Staff Quiz Night. On February 18th the committee will host a camel race and on March 17th will be the QF Faculty & Staff Family Day at the Al Khor beach.  And early in April will be the Celebrate Latin America event.  Stay tuned for all the excitement!



For more information, contact the Faculty & Staff Activities Coordinator, Ouidad Bounama at [email protected] or the Faculty & Staff Life Committee Coordinator at your branch campus.  Or just keep yourself posted here on

by Florent D'Souza  Jan 1st, 2012
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