Faculty and Staff Life Committee

One of the most essential components of our university experience are the faculty and staff of our universities who strive very hard to make our university experience worth every second. The Faculty and Staff Life Committee was created with this goal in mind. It seeks to promote collaboration and communication between the faculty and staff of all Education City institutions in order to meet challenges and enhance the Education City experience. It does this by bringing together the faculty and staff from across Education City in informal settings and facilitate the sharing of ideas.




The Committee consists of one member from each branch campus who act as liaisons between the committee and the universities. The Faculty and Staff Life Coordinator is Ouidad Bounama. She is tasked with organizing events based on faculty demands. When the committee was formed two years ago, Ouidad first carried out a survey to determine what kinds of events faculty and staff would like to attend. Based on this feedback, the committee has set up an assortment of diverse events that take place every year.




Some of the most successful events have been celebrations of culture. Each of these events is based around a particular culture such as the ‘Celebrate Palestine’ and the ‘Celebrate India’ events which were organized and received very enthusiastically in the past. Other events are designed to foster healthy competition between faculty and staff such as the Quiz Night and the Horse Racing events. At the same time the Committee’s calendar provides many opportunities to unwind with trips to the Tribecca Film Festival as well as sessions which focus on spiritual awakening led by some of the leading Theology Professors of Education City such as Dr. Patrick Laude of Georgetown. Many of these events are regularly reported on 


 For more information on the Faculty and Staff Life Commitee contact Ouidad Bounama: 

by Ali Ahsan  Mar 16th, 2012
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