Celebrate Latin America

"La Feria Latina", a celebration of the cultural diversity of the Latin American countries was hosted on April 7th by the Faculty and Staff Life Committee at the Student Center Ballroom, open from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm with a lot to offer for its visitors.



This event organized for the first time, is part of the already cultural events organized by the Committee for all Education City community faculty and staff and their families. The aim was to instill appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and the priceless assets mainly emphasised in costumes, cultural performances and not the least, the culinary side. Attendees discovered among this rich program the succulent culinary specialties and finest recipes of many countries. The ingredients and flavors of the dishes were blend masterfully, a heavenly combination to the soul. 





While enjoying the popular well-guarded culinary deligts and it's divine flavor and delicate aroma, attendees in this festive ambiance, were delighted by the hospitality and the colorful local costumes.



The gracious participation of eight countries: Argentina, Costa rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Republica Dominicana and Spain contributed to offer a rich exhibition, they brought a taste of their culture, featuring handicrafts, gallery pictures, jewelleries, ethnic embroideries, tourism information and so much more in each booth. Many musical groups joined the embassies to participate in this fair such as: The Gaiteros de Qatar, Virginia for the Flamenco dance, El Trio band, Christina Cobos and her band. 






The little ones were not forgotten, like adults, children had a great time enjoying the piñata and the puppet show at the stage and corner made especially for them.






All in all, “La Feria Latina” was a great success with a successful turn out. So, stay tuned next year for more events of the Faculty and Staff Life Committee.

by Ouidad Bounama  Apr 12th, 2012
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