The Student Engineer’s Council (SEC) at Texas A&M University at Qatar organized its annual E-Day on the 22ndof March 2012. The full-day event was held in Villaggio Mall on Friday. The purpose of E-Day is to spread awareness about the field of engineering and what engineers do, to families and children. This is done through fun and interesting experiments that inform or compel the children to think about how things work.


Video by: Mahmoud El Touny



The event started after 1 pm all the way to 6 pm, and each child that wanted to participate was given a raffle ticket to be used to also get goodies after looking at all the experiments. These experiments included tie dye, the invisible coin, momentum wheel, etc., which combined the aspect of fun and science together. All the children were interactive with the experiments and tried to guess the concepts before hearing the explanations. The event ended with the raffle draw and three lucky winners.




The event was overall successful to the contribution of the E-Day Committee, its Chair Aravindh Rajan, and the VP External Akanksha Menon. E-Day is only one of the several successful events organized by The Student Engineer’s Council.

by Ghaida Al Farsi  Apr 22nd, 2012
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