My Life at ABP

 Dr. Miles Lovelace handing me my diplomaNothing can describe the way I felt when I graduated from the Academic Bridge Program. Even though I was rejected by two of the Education City universities, I was one of the honor students this year. This made me forget all the sorrows and the disappointment that I felt, and made me look forward and plan for my next step.

Dr. Miles Lovelace handing me my diploma



When I first came to the ABP I was not happy to be placed in the foundation English level, but later on, I discovered that I had to learn a lot of things that I did not know before. My motivation to learn and my high ambitions led me to achieve a 4.0 GPA with all A grades in the first semester. In addition, I was moved to the next level; I was moved to the academic English level.



Since day 1, I did not hesitate to stop by my teachers offices and ask about my grades, I was simply obsessed with achieving the highest score possible. One might call me the stalker of the year for what I did, but I am not regretting it. It is just the way I live; stalking people in a good way.



Being in the ABP was a bit hard, different and challenging because I studied in an Arabic school. Co-educational classes, teachers, different accents and different ways of teaching were some of the challenges that I had to overcome, and guess what.. I DID! Writing was my worst issue. I needed to work on it A LOT. I was like a short person trying to reach a treasure. At that time, the treasure was on the top of a skyscraper, but with hard work, motivation, Mrs. Allison and the English Room, I found my way to reach that skyscraper.



The applications process was stressful and tough. A lot of students made it before the deadline and a few missed it. A lot of students applied and a few got admitted. Personally, I applied to NUQ, CMU-Q and WCMW-Q. One might think that I applied just to get an acceptance letter, but the fact is that I consider myself a multi-talented person. I LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS and I developed this habit through the ABP with the variety of activities and clubs that we had. I hate computers, but I enjoyed building my first robot. I was one of the active members of the debate club, and I achieved the most improved player award from NUQ/ABP basketball team.



During this year, I learned and enhanced a lot of personal qualities, and I am sure that there is a place for me somewhere where I can succeed. When I received my first decision which was from CMU-Q, I became disappointed because even though I was an honor student and I had high scores on standardized tests, I was on the waiting list and I am waiting for the final decision on May 2oth. NUQ and WCMC-Q sent me a cold flat rejection letter. I was expecting a rejection from WCMW-Q, but not NUQ. At the time I realized that I was born a thinker not a writer.



I enjoyed being in the ABP, and if I could go back in a time I would definitely go back to ABP and enjoy every single minute of it. All the best for my ABP friends

by Mohamed Zehni Khairullah  May 15th, 2012
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