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  Why did ECUnited choose Africa this year?

Being part of ECUnited, I believe that we don't choose where to help people, we just hear a calling and move forward. Last year, we heard the people of Pakistan ask the world for help, and we moved to help them. This year, Africa, or the horn of Africa to be specific asked for help, and we did the same.

What is your role this year?

At ECUnited, we all work as one team with no specific roles. We don't have a leader; we carry out everything by mutual agreement. However, the person that brings up the initial initiative to carry out a charity campaign is usually kept as the primary contact person. Since I am not in Doha physically to help out, I am taking care of the online media however I also worked during the brainstorming phase of the event, which took place entirely by email.

How will these donations help Africa?

We know that Africa needs help in billions of dollars and being realistic our campaign can't raise thatmuch. However, we do know that we will be able to make a difference with the donations we collect because even a small amount can make a huge difference to the lives of the people suffering. In addition, we hope that our campaign will be the first of many campaigns held this year in Education city to help the people in need in Africa. This way, we can have a continuous flow of donations that will not stop with the end of this event.

What are some ways people can contribute and help Africa?

By supporting ECUnited4afrika and donating to our campaign, you will surely make a difference. You can check our facebook event page to get more information. You can even help out by volunteering for the final event, which we will announce on our facebook page very soon.

How does it feel to host another ECUnited event?

Its an amazing feeling to be working so hard day and night to help put a smile on the face of a child in Somalia, Kenya or Ethiopia who is in need. Knowing the impact that ECUnited4pakistan had not only on the people of Pakistan, but also on the people of Education City and Doha because our team enabled them to make a difference in someone's life, I am very happy to be part of this team once again.

Pakistan was a country but Africa is a continent. Do you think the donations will make the same impact?

We understand the difference in both and that is why this year; we are planning a bigger and better event as compared to last years. This year, we have many more activities that we hope will get us more donations. We started advertising for the event more then a month before it starts so we can get more people's attention. In addition, as I said earlier, we are sure that no matter how much we collect, Africa will need more. Hence, we are doing as much as we can and hoping for the best.

How can students from different universities help your campaign?

We need people with journalism skills to write press releases, we need people with media skills to help with making videos for the event, we need artistic people to help with designing posters, we need marketing people to help market our event and get more sponsors. At this point, I believe that if you are a student in Education city and you are interested to help out, we can always find a place for you in ECUnited4Afrika to help us make a difference in Africa.
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