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Career Services actively supports all education city students on their path in finding meaningful, rewarding and safe work. To that end, constant learning, comprehensive service, active advocacy, supportive counseling and affirmative hiring are central in all Career Services initiatives.


We provide comprehensive career services that will link students with the contemporary business market through a variety of initiatives, including; building employer networks and relations, internships, networking events, services for alumni, career guidance for schools, and career development workshops, sessions, and lectures.

Our Vision

QF Career Services supports students as they prepare for effective career entry and advancement, resulting in graduates who bring value to the workplace and enrichment to the communities in which they live.

Our Mission

QF Career Services introduces students to workplace attitudes and skills in partnership with Education City university partners.  Equipped with purpose and confidence, Education City graduates will be prepared for a realistic world employment market and will be sought by prospective employers across a variety of fields and institutions. 

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