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Student Release form

Parent Student Declaration form

Student's Obligation form towards QF

Acceptance letter

New students must submit a copy of their acceptance letter from the branch campus to which they have been admitted. Continuing students should submit a letter from the branch campus stating that they have a good academic standing.


Government issued identification (i.e. passport).
Qatari residents must submit a copy of their residency permit in addition to those of their parents.

Family income information

Copy of bank statements detailing account activities for the past 12 months from all banks in Qatar and abroad where students and their parents hold accounts.

A letter from each bank attesting to the number of accounts held by the student and their parents in Qatar and abroad.

Salary certificate from the employer of parents, spouse and self that include basic salaries, allowances, bonuses, daily allowance and other benefits.

Copy of records of most recent business and investment mortgage information, private and family business records, stocks, bonds, and other investment records.

Evidence of tax remittance where applicable.


Proof of home ownership in Qatar and abroad
Proof of any real estate property in Qatar and abroad
Details of any fixed deposits in the bank or other financial institutions
Vehicle ownership certificates.
Qatar Foundation reserves the right to withdraw a student's financial aid package or application and to notify the branch campus if they have reason to believe that the student provided false information or documents.

Sources of funding for Education

Detailed sources of funding for education including scholarships from external organizations, family members and scholarships or grants form the respective branch campus.


Latest University Transcripts ( For returning students)

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