Types of Student Employment

Different opportunities of Student Employment are available in Education City. These positions are grouped as follows:

Regular Student Employment

This category includes all student employment opportunities on campus including break employment. These positions have specific requirements and students are paid an hourly rate or stipend depending on the nature of the position.

Special Assignments

These positions are part of regular student employment created to serve a special project and should not exceed one month of employment. Students are paid a stipend and not an hourly rate. Hours of employment are flexible and vary depending on the project.

Academic Enrichment Opportunities

These positions are created to support the academic teaching of the branch campuses. These jobs include teaching Assistants and Student Tutors. Special requirements apply to qualify for these jobs. Students are paid an hourly rate.


Education City is a learning community and only students who meet the following conditions are eligible to work on campus during the regular academic year and/or summer session:

Regular Student Employment

  • Be over 17 years of age.
  • Be a full-time student at his/her respective branch campus or center, unless otherwise cleared by the QF CSSEO and the student’s academic advisor.
  • In order to be consistent with immigration policy, international students may NOT work off campus.

Academic Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to the above points, students in an Academic Enrichment Opportunity should

  • maintain a 3.0 GPA unless otherwise approved by the respective branch campus, and
  • have taken the course which they will be supporting or otherwise demonstrate the particular knowledge and skills the course teaches, and
  • have obtained at least a B grade in the course

Note:it is the responsibility of the Site Supervisor to ensure that a student has met all of the above requirements.

Break Employment

Summer, students must either:

  • Have been enrolled during the previous spring semester and be pre-registered for fall at their respective institution, OR
  • Be accepted for admission/re-entry to one of the Education City branch campuses for the following fall semester and be pre-registered, OR
  • Be enrolled at an Education City institution for a minimum of three hours during the summer session. 

The break between fall and spring semesters:

  • The student must have been enrolled for six or more hours for the fall semester or have pre-registered for at least 6 hours for spring semester.

Spring break:

The student must be enrolled for the spring semester.

The Hiring and Placement Process

The process of hiring a student is as follows

1.Initial Request
  • The Site Supervisor hiring for the position should complete a SE Position Authorization & Change Form and email it to the branch campus Student Employment Coordinator
  • Branch campus Student Employment Coordinator should forward the form to CSSEO at Qatar Foundation for approval.
  • The CSSEO reviews the job description and hours requested
  • if approved, CSSEO will assign a pay rate for the position. A pay rate rubric will be available from CSSEO
  • Rejected requests can be resubmitted after revision.
  • The form will be sent back electronically to the branch campus Student Employment Coordinator
  • Position approvals or rejections will take up to five working days from the date of submission.
  • The position and qualifications will be disseminated though the CSSEO website.
  • Branches and employers can advertise independently to their students.
  • Interested students who meet the qualifications of a particular posted position should complete the SEP application form and submit this along with other requirements set by the employer.
  • Site Supervisors may request additional details or documentation such as resumes or reference letters. Interviews are also the prerogative of the Site Supervisor.
  • If students have any questions regarding the position they may contact the hiring department or listed contact person.
    • Once a student has been identified, the Site Supervisor will submit a Student Hiring form   to the Student Employment Program Coordinator at his/her respective branch.
    • CSSEO will review the request and authorize the student workers.
    • Once a student is hired, the Site Supervisor should inform the Student Employment Program Coordinator who will notify CSSEO so that the listing can be removed from the website.

Please Note: After all of the candidates have been interviewed, it is the responsibility of the interviewer to notify the student(s) of the outcome of the hiring decision. 

5.End of semester/academic year

The end of the academic year presents an opportunity for Site Supervisors to evaluate students’ work and recommend them for promotion and/or salary increases, or for additional responsibilities.

  • The Branch Campus Coordinator will contact CSSEO to confirm positions that will be renewed.
  • All positions will be posted for new applicants
  • The employer has the right to hire the same student again for the same role if he/she sees appropriate.
  • The Branch Campus Coordinator will recommend students for promotion and/or salary increases for CSSEO to approve.

Student Payments

Pay Period:

The pay period will be between the first and the last day of each month. 

Time Sheets

The student should complete and sign the time sheet and then submit it to the primary Site Supervisor to be signed verifying the hours worked.  It is students’ responsibility to forward the timesheet to their respective Branch Campus Coordinator for signature on the first day following the end of the pay period during which they worked.

Time sheets are to be submitted to the CSSEO by 3:30 pm on the third of the month following the end of the pay period. Time sheets received after the due date will not be paid without proper justifications until the following month with a maximum grace period of only one month. Time sheets older than one month will not be processed.

The ultimate approval on time sheets will be from CSSEO, however in the case of discrepancies a notice will be sent to the Branch Campus Coordinator to verify information.

  • A Site Supervisor is never to require a student to falsify a time sheet by reporting hours on a day other than when they were actually working.
  • If time sheets due date falls on a weekend, time sheets will be due the Sunday after.
  • If time sheets are due during a national holiday, the due date will be adjusted to two business days prior to the start of the holiday to allow timely processing of payments.

Receiving Pay

Payment processing will take fifteen working days before students are paid. A schedule of payment is posted on the CSSEO website detailing time sheet due date as well as expected payment dates.

Payments will be disbursed as direct deposits into the students’ bank accounts. Students must open a checking account if they do not already have one. Qatar Foundation will not issue checks for payments.


Regular Student Employment:
           Students participating in a regular student employment will be paid between QR25 and QR35 per hour depending on their experience and specialized skills. Special assignments will be assigned a stipend.

Academic Enrichment Opportunity:
   Due to the special requirements of these positions, students participating in Academic Enrichment Opportunity will be paid between QR30 and QR45 per hour depending on their experience and specialized skills.

Instructions for completing time sheets:

  1.  Students should record dates on which they worked in chronological order only
  2. All information on the time sheet must be printed. 
  3. Hours must be submitted in quarter hour increments and NOT in minutes and rounded to the nearest quarter hour. For example, if you worked until 6:07 put 6:00 on the time sheet and if you worked until 6:10, put 6:15.
  4. The student must submit the sheet to the Student Employment Program Coordinator at the branch where he/she is working for approval.
  5. The student and Site Supervisor must BOTH sign the time sheet.
  6. The Branch Campus Coordinator should submit the time sheets to CSSEO. CSSEO will not accept time sheets directly from students.
  7. Students should turn in only one time sheet for hours worked during each month.
  8. Incomplete time sheets will not be processed and will be sent back to the branch campus, hence delaying payment.

Student Employment Regulations

The following are regulations which govern the Student Employment Program

  • During the academic year students can work to a maximum of 20 hours per week (Sunday – Saturday).
  • No Site Supervisor shall require students to work when they are scheduled for classes or examinations.
  • Students may begin working ONLY after an Authorization Notice has been sent back by the Student Employment Program Coordinator at the respective branch campus. Students will not be paid for work done before the submission and approval of this form.
  • Student employees may NOT exceed 8 hours of employment in any one day.
  • It is the responsibility of the student employees and Site Supervisor to monitor the student work hours to stay within the limits. 
  • Although students may apply for all the positions including those advertised by other branch campuses, first priority may be accorded but not restricted to students within each branch campus.
  • Summer Employment:
  • Summer employment is subject to the availability of positions and funds.
  • Summer employment requires special permission granted through the Summer SE Authorization & Change Form.
  • During the summer or other breaks, students can work full-time to a maximum of 40 hours per week. 
  • In order to be eligible to work 40 hours, the student must not attend any classes during the week.
  • If a student is enrolled during any of the summer sessions, employment is limited to 15 hours per week during that session.
  • All students are expected to be ethical and to demonstrate impeccable integrity through their conduct as employees.


  • The department must maintain a daily work record showing hours worked and dates. 
  • Each student should also keep a personal record of hours worked. 
  • Student employees are not entitled to paid vacation, holiday pay or sick leave. 
  • Student employees are expected to give conscientious service and work 60 minutes out of every hour for which they are paid.

Community Development Advisors

A student employed by Residence Life as a CDA must secure authorization (in writing) from their Residence Hall Director (RHD) prior to being permitted to work at any other position on campus. The number of hours the CDA will be permitted to work above and beyond those of the CDA position will be determined in consultation with their RHD and will be communicated in the letter granting authorization to work. Typically, 10 hours per week or less would be authorized by the RHD. CSSEO will check if a student is a CDA.

Two-Job Exceptions

Students can be employed at only one Education City job at a time; however, a student may be authorized for a second on-campus job during the same time period with special approval. To participate in a second campus job, the Branch Campus Coordinator must ensure that the students will not exceed 20 hours per week between both jobs. CSSEO must approve the second job and then notify both employing departments and the student.

Teaching Assistant assignments are considered one job regardless of the number of courses they support as long as it does not exceed the approved number of hours.

Releasing Student Employment Records

Departments may confirm students’ dates of employment to an inquiring company. No further employment information may be given without written permission from the student for the release ofstudent information.

It is the students’ responsibility to notify possible references before listing them on the student employment application.

Terminating Student Employment

If the student wishes to resign from his/her position, he/she should notify the Site Supervisor at least two week in advance of the last date of employment.  This allows the Site Supervisor time to search for a replacement.  The Branch Campus Coordinator should notify QF of the termination by completing the appropriate part of the Student Hiring Form to open the position for another student.

Students participating in a Special Project Employment must be committed to the position they accept. If the student is not able to appear for the job, it is his/her responsibility to either notify the Site Supervisor 24hours in advance or find a suitable replacement. Failure to do so will result in notification being sent to the student’s branch campus and could jeopardize the student’s future employment opportunities.

If a student's work is unsatisfactory or if other conditions make continued employment inadvisable, the Site Supervisor may request that the job assignment be cancelled/terminated after the student is notified. If the student feels the termination was unjust, he/she should contact the branch campus Student Employment Coordinator and the CSSEO at 454-0390, or send an email to:
Qatar Foundation reserves the right to terminate any student’s contract and discontinue the privilege of employment if the employment policies are violated. If there is evidence of violations, CSSEO will notify the Branch Campus Coordinator who will in turn notify the student and Site Supervisor.


After the final date of employment has been determined, the employing department must terminate the authorization request in writing and return to CSSEO.

Branch Campus Withdrawal

A student withdrawing from his/her respective branch campus is no longer eligible for student employment.  The Student Employment Program Coordinator at the respective campus will automatically process a termination effective from the date of withdrawal. Students continuing at another Branch Campus will need to reapply for student employment.

Automatic Termination

No action needs to be taken by the Site Supervisor/employing department if the student works until the ending date of employment shown on the SE Authorization & Change Form.  Employment will automatically terminate on the date shown on the authorization. 

Equal Access to Campus Employment Opportunities

The student employment program is intended to offer an out of classroom educational experience for students and Qatar Foundation is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students.

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