Frequently Asked Questions


Deciding to Live on Campus

What are the benefits of living on campus?
Education research shows that students who live on campus achieve higher grades, are more involved on campus, and are more likely to persist with their studies until they graduate.  Our live-in staff offers lots of opportunities throughout the year to meet new people, attend interesting programs & events, and get involved in the community.Residential students also enjoy free transport to malls and religious services, fully furnished apartments, 24-hour security, and close proximity to campus resources including academic buildings, recreation facilities, and dining services.

I’ve never lived away from home before. What can I expect and who will support me?
We understand that the transition to living away from home may be difficult. Our staff aim to make that transition as easy as possible by getting to know each resident, and helping them get connected and involved on campus. Each residence hall has 2 or 3 Community Development Advisors (CDAs) who are student staff living in the hall, building community and organizing social and educational events for their residents. In addition, we have professional Residence Hall Director (RHD) staff, who have offices in the residence halls, to help create and support a learning environment in the community

How does living on campus help me as a student?
By living on campus, you are closer to your academic building, which means greater access to faculty and students. The residence halls have WIFI throughout and have computer labs available to facilitate studying. Also, our student housing is very diverse! We house students from 7 academic institutions, and over 50 nationalities meaning that there is a whole lot of out-of-classroom learning available from your peers.


Packing Questions

What are new incoming students provided with in their apartment?
All apartments are fully furnished with TV, furniture, kitchen appliances. In addition, all new incoming students are provided with one Pillow, one pillow case, one fitted bed sheet, one flat bed sheet, and one towel.

What appliances are not allowed in the rooms?
Because of fire safety concerns, appliances such as (but not limited to) halogen lights, air conditioners, appliances with exposed heating elements (such as: toaster ovens, grills, hot plates, coffee makers, “George Foreman” Grills), microwaves using more than 900 watts, crock pots, portable heaters, and electric blankets are not permitted. Refrigerators no larger than 2 cubic meters, one meter in height and 1.5 amps are allowed. If you have questions about a specific appliance you are planning to purchase, please contact your RHD directly or Housing and Residence Life at .We strongly recommend you check with your staff BEFORE purchasing the item.


How can I store my items between sessions?
Prior to checking out, students would need to pack their items and to move them into the designated storage area. Trolleys can be borrowed from FB3 reception desk to assist moving boxes but it is the responsibility of the student to actually move the boxes.

I have a medical problem is it possible I can bring my own mattress?
All furnishings provided by QF, including mattresses, bed ends and bed springs, must remain in the room/apartment/common areas unless specifically authorized by the Residence Hall Director in writing.


Safety and Security

Are the residence halls safe?
We are proud to say that our communities are very safe. Each of our buildings is staffed by 24-hour security staff and equipped with video cameras in various locations. Students are required to provide proof of residence in the halls (PED) or provide an official picture ID to enter the building.


Why do I have to PED in/out every time?
The Community Living Standards mandates that residents use their PED to register their entry and exit of the residence halls. It is an important security measure, as only residents are issued with PEDs, and provides more convenience than signing in and out manually.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Each residence hall has 24 hour security at the entrance. In addition, our department has emergency response coverage 365 days a year. Community Development Advisors are your first point of contact and their numbers are listed in the residence hall lobbies. Our staff is trained in emergency response protocol and would work with QF Security in responding to an emergency situation.


Extra-curricular activities

I am interested in leadership opportunities to develop my resume and personal skills. What sorts of opportunities exist for me in the residence halls?
Students have various options for leadership involvement such as running for Residence Hall Council (RHC) and participating as an RHC Ambassador. Furthermore, all students that are in their second semester of study in Hamad Bin Khalifa University can apply to be a Community Development Advisor for the following academic year.  In addition, interested students could apply to be a Sustainable Living Ambassador (SLA) to further sustainability within the residential community.


What kind of activities and events can I get involved in while living in QF residence halls?
There are plenty of events for you to take part in throughout the school year. Community Development Advisors and Residence Hall Council offer many options throughout the year for residents to get involved as well as assisting residents to plan their own activities. Some examples of residence hall events include a trip to the Old Souq, a nearby beach for some swim fun, Reverse Trick-or-Treat, Midnight Breakfast during final exams week, Welcome & Iftar Dinners and many more! Check out the Housing & Residence Life Swalif blog for more information.


Housing Logistics

I am interested in living on campus all year-round. Can you give me details on housing for summer and winter break periods?

Students who require on-campus housing during winter (December) and summer (May to August) breaks will pay a daily rate for housing. If you already occupied a room during the school year, you can remain in it during the winter break (December). You may, however, need to switch rooms during summer (May-August), depending on our office’s housing plans/needs for the following academic year.

In order to have housing during these breaks, you must fill out the Break Housing Form by a certain date. Contact for more details on break housing.


Do I have the option of only contracting for only one term?
Yes, so long as you make this clear on your housing application. You may be contacted by Housing and Residence Life for additional information.


I don't like my room assignment. Is there any way I can change rooms?
If you want to change your room assignment, you need to contact your Residence Hall Director in person, by phone or email. Room changes will only occur after the beginning of the 3rd week of the semester. There is no guarantee that a room change will happen. We are bound by the availability of space and the specific requests for the room change.


I need to arrive prior to the official opening date of the Residence Halls. How can I make this request?
Please e-mail with your request. Please do so at least 48 hours (business days are Sunday through Thursday) before your arrival to ensure that your apartment keys are ready.  You will receive a confirmation via email confirming whether or not your request is granted.


Can I rent a room or apartment for studying in the Residence halls?
We strive to provide housing to all students who are interested, but have limited housing space. As a result, our first priority is to house students living beyond 20km from Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Once these students have received housing, we are able to offer housing to local students. At this time we are unable to rent rooms just for studying.


Can I stay in my current apartment during summer if I was assigned a new room for the coming Fall semester? 
You are able to stay in your current room until your Fall assigned room is ready for you to move. At that time, Hall Desk Clerk staff would contact you and would have 48 hours to completely move.


Why do I have to do an official check In/out during the summer session?
Students are requested to check in and out every time during summer as during summer break housing is charged on a daily rate If the student doesn’t check in and out every time they leave the halls they will be charged for the entire summer session.


Why do I have to hand over my apt key/PED upon checkout?
Every student should return their room key and PED when completing a checkout every time they check out as evidence that they are not using the space during summer and to ensure safe keeping of the key and PED until their return.

What happens if I lose my apartment key or PED?
First you need to report the loss to a Hall Desk Clerk at the FB3 reception desk. If you’ve lost your key, your door will be recored with a new lock and you and your roommates will be issued a new key. You will be billed QAR 150 for this. If you lose your PED we will replace it for you and you will be charged QAR 150.


Can I have a cleaner clean my room?
QF does not provide cleaners to clean personal student living spaces. If the student wishes to utilize such a service, they can bring in a cleaner at their own expense, and must adhere to the visitation policy in the CLS, which includes correctly signing them in to the hall and staying with the visitor at all times.

I will be leaving Hamad Bin Khalifa University for one semester! What do I have to do?

If you are leaving to study abroad for one semester or taking a leave of absence, you need to check out from your apartment and to return the key and PED before your departure. Also, you will need to re-apply for housing for the next semester at least one month prior to your intended arrival.


I paid the reservation fee for Fall housing and learned I will be studying abroad in Fall. Am I eligible for a refund of the reservation fee?
The reservation fees for returning students might be refunded if the student sends an official email request prior to the deadline which is May 1st of every year. For new students the reservation fees are non-refundable.

I will graduate this semester and I want to stay in my room for few weeks after graduation. Is it possible?
Students have 48 hours after their graduation ceremony to check out of the residence halls. Any requests for exception to this must be addressed to the Director of Student Life at least one month prior to the graduation date. If the request is granted, the student would have to complete a summer housing application and pay all necessary fees.


Is it possible to be accommodated alone in a single bedroom?

Due to space limitations we cannot offer single rooms in our current housing facilities. All bedrooms are shared between 2 or 3 students, depending on the building. Our new student housing complex will be able to offer all students a single bedroom in various housing styles.


Meal Plan and Food options

What are my food options in Hamad Bin Khalifa University?
Cafeteria and food vendors are available in nearly every academic building, as well as the Student Center. These venues provide different types of food options, from buffet style to coffee shops.

Will I be able to cook for myself?
Every apartment is equipped with a full-size kitchen, equipped with the appropriate appliances for you to cook. Shuttles for local supermarkets/shopping malls are available frequently.

Is there a meal plan?

At this time there is no meal plan, however plans are underway to make this available to students in the new residence halls.


Roommate Questions

I am an incoming student to Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Can I request a particular roommate?
Students may request a specific roommate prior to receiving a room within the residence halls. To do so, you must include in an attached letter, the name and contact details of the person you are interested in rooming with, including their email and branch campus affiliation. Your preferred roommate MUST also do the same. This does NOT exempt you from filling out the Roommate Matching Form. Make sure to include this form with your housing application. We will do our best to match roommates who have requested to share a unit. Please be advised that our ability to fulfill your request will depend on the availability of space.


Why didn't I get the roommate I requested?
Students who want to live together must ensure they make the same request with their applications. If the request is not mutual, you will not be placed together. Should you feel your request has not been treated fairly, please feel free to contact Housing and Residence Life via e-mail .


My roommate and I are having some issues living together. What should I do?
Roommate conflicts are an inevitable part of life when people are living together. The good thing is Housing and Residence Life is here to help! Your first resource is your Community Development Advisor (CDA). Feel free to contact him/her to ask for tips on how to handle a roommate conflict. Furthermore, your Residence Hall Director can help you draft a roommate agreement which will help you work through the issues you are experiencing!


Is it possible to be accommodated alone in a single bedroom?

Due to space limitations we cannot offer single accommodation. All bedrooms are shared between 2 or 3 students, depending on the building.


Visitors & Married Housing

Can I have overnight visitors?
No overnight visitors are permitted. Visitation hours are posted in the residence hall lobbies. After visitation hours, you can host a visitor in your building’s social room but must remain with them at all times. No one is permitted to sleep in the social room.

Where can my visitors stay?
As we are unable to allow any overnight visitors please see the following link which lists some hotels in the area.

Do you have separate housing for married student?
At this moment in time we cannot house graduate or married students on campus. Phase 2 of our new housing complex will include graduate, married, and family housing options. In the mean time, we will assist in referrals if possible.

Community Living Standards

What are the `Community Living Standards' and how do they affect me as a resident on campus?
The Community Living Standards (CLS) are the policies and processes that govern community living in Qatar Foundation's Housing and Residence Life. The CLS includes information on what students may have in their rooms, how they may decorate it, safety and visitation policies as well as the Conduct Process if a student becomes involved with a conduct situation.


Are pets allowed in the Residence Halls? 
Unfortunately we are unable to allow pets or other animals in the residence halls due to many reasons including allergies, cleanliness, and wear and tear on the facilities.




Is transportation provided for Friday (Jumaah) prayers?
There are shuttles provided by Qatar Foundation Transportation taking students to English and Arabic speaking prayers on Fridays. Please check with your Community Development Advisor (CDA) and/or the bulletin boards in the Residence Halls for the specific shuttle pick-up times.

What other transport options are available for residents?

We provide frequent transportation to religious services, shopping malls and the Souq. The full schedule of transportation provided is given in the Residence Hall lobbies.

Where can I park?

There are open parking spaces by each Residence Halls. There are also other limited parking options within the campus.

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