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The Student Center believes that students should have every facility that they wish for within their reach therefore the Student Center has created sporting facilities as well as recreation facilities to ensure that they can do so.

The recreation facilities include a bowling alley consisting of 8 lanes where students can come and play and compete with other fellow students.
There is an arcade with games such as Tetris and Air Hockey for students to play with. The arcade and recreation is open all year round to cater to those students who might not be going home for the summer and still want activities to do in their spare time.

Another recreation area is the one near to the bowling alley, it is a large room with 3 ping pong tables and 3 billiard tables with available seating on chairs or sofas available to other students to watch as their friends play.

There is a TV Lounge for students located on the first floor which consists of a large TV screen.

There are sporting facilities such as two very large full sized courts either to play football or basketball. Football teams play often. The courts can also be used for volleyball and badminton.
The courts can be split in half by a curtain to ensure that more than one sport can be played at any one time. If there is a basketball game for female students then all the surrounding windows can be closed by shutters to ensure that females get the privacy that they need.

The Student Center also has two fitness rooms. One is solely for female students, again to ensure the privacy and provide a certain level of comfort to the students. The other fitness room is bigger and has a larger variety of gym equipment as it is for male and female students. Along with these two fitness rooms there are single sex locker areas for the safe keeping of students' belongings whilst they work out, there are also showers in these locker rooms for the students to freshen up after a work out or a sporting event.

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