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Yasser Masood Khan is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University Qatar’s Information Systems program with a minor in Business Administration and Computer Science. Ambitious and almost omniscient, yet highly engaged in many things revolving around social media, he is hoping to help people unlock their innate potential yet also seeking to contribute to a developing society wherever he resides. aims to focus on his TED chronicles as he will be attending TEDGlobal 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland.


TEDGlobal ( is an annual gathering of thinkers, doers and active concerned citizens all over the world who want to help advance society and contribute on a global scale. The basic pillars can be traced back to Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence, the name TED). From the unknown scientist or designer who has done something big to a new perspective on challenges by more well known names, it is an opportunity to connect people together so that change can start on micro level and advances to the macro level.


When he returns, he hopes to organize and unveil more details of his initiative to involve all  Qatar Foundation alumni and current students. will be receiving information from Yasser’s blog about his trip to TEDGlobal and the development and organization of his initiative. Yasser’s TED chronicles will reveal the striving effort of just one of the several successful Education City alumni to contribute to the best of the society.


-Saba Singh

Team Leader, My Education City.

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