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Sports & Recreation Areas


The Sports & Recreation Areas compromise of bowling center, arcade room, TV lounge, games room, sports courts, and fitness rooms for your use!


Bowling Center


The Bowling Center has 8 lanes of bowling equipped with electronic scoring, bowling balls, shoes, and socks. There are different prices set for students and faculty/staff.



Arcade Room


An old fashioned arcade equipped with a variety of interactive games operating on a token system. The games include: Air Hockey, Giant Tetris, Pump It Up, Guitar Hero, Spectrum, Ski Ball, Nirin (motorcycle racing), Sega Rally 3, House of the Dead 4, and Spectrum (darts).




TV Lounge


The TV Lounge is located on the first floor above the bowling center. It has a large 60 inch plasma TV screen where you can hook up game consoles, watch movies, etc.




Games Room


The Games Room includes several billiards tables, table tennis, foosball tables and a seating area for you to enjoy your time socializing with friends.



Sport Courts


The Sports Courts compromises of 2 fill size indoor coursts with official lines for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and indoor football inlcuding bleacher seating for fans. 



Fitness Rooms


The Fitness Rooms are located on the lower level with state of the art equipment. There are two fitness rooms, one co-ed and the other for females only. Please be sure to present your university ID or QF ID to the Sports & Recreation student employee before entering the gym.



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