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Student organizations are an important link to the co-curricular activities of Education City. They should contribute to the personal development and enjoyment of their members within the context of the broader education, science, and community development missions of the Qatar Foundation. Any student group wishing to take advantage of privileges granted by the Qatar Foundation must be registered by Campus Life staff. All groups which meet the Qatar Foundation requirements for student organizations will be permitted to register.


Registration is a means by which student organizations may receive standard privileges granted by the Qatar Foundation when certain minimum requirements are met. Registrationdoes not imply either Qatar Foundation approval or disapproval of the student organization’s purpose, function or activities.

Education City student organizations fall under six primary categories: programming, governance, community service, cultural, recreation, and special interest. Any full-time enrolled Education City college student may either join an existing student organization or start a new one.

Registration privileges

Examples of registration privileges include the following:

  • The opportunity to apply for funding to support organizational activities

  • Advising support from QF Campus Life staff
  • The opportunity to attend leadership development and organizational development trainings sponsored by QF Campus Life staff
  • Access to QF facilities and pertinent staff support
  • Potential office space in the Student Center

Registration process

Currently, all new student organization registration applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. After an organization is officially registered for the first time, groups must complete the annual registration process each fall semester for the current academic year by attending the EC Student Leader Workshop. This helps to insure that all registered student organizations are still active and contributing to the campus community. Each organization will also have a primary advisor within the Campus Life staff who will check-in periodically on your progress, provide ongoing support, and answer any questions you might have.

For NEW student organizations (ongoing):

  • Step 1: Print and review the current Registration Packet online at
  • Step 2: Complete the student organization General Information Form
  • Step 3: Complete the Membership Roster
  • Step 4: Complete Academic Eligibility Form for all officers
  • Step 5: Create a Constitution (sample constitution provided if you need help)
  • Step 6: Submit all four parts to Campus Life staff in Porta Cabin #4
  • Step 7: Wait for confirmation on registration status (approximately one week)
  • Step 8: Meet with primary advisor from Campus Life to review student organization policies and funding procedures

For RENEWING student organizations (every August):

  • Step 1: Obtain latest registration details from website or Campus Life advisor
  • Step 2: Update General Information Form
  • Step 3: Update Membership Roster
  • Step 4: Officers should complete Academic Eligibility Form
  • Step 5: Update Constitution if necessary
  • Step 6: Send at least 2 representatives to the EC Student Leader Workshop held annually in the fall semester
  • Step 7: Submit all documents to Campus Life staff at annual registration session held in conjunction with the EC Student Leader Workshop

Denial of registration

No student organization will be officially registered by the Qatar Foundation if Campus Life staff determines that the organization's primary mission and activities are not educationally purposeful or would be a duplication of an existing Education City student organization.  If registration is denied, the Assistant Director for Campus Life will notify the applying organization of the decision in writing and provide rationale.

Revocation of registration

When an Education City student organization fails to abide by Qatar Foundation expectations and policies or Qatari law and customs, their registration status may be temporarily suspended or revoked entirely depending on the severity of the incident in question.  In cases where it is determined to be the inappropriate actions of one or a few members from the student organization in question, judicial action may rest with students' respective campus.  Close consultation between campus staff and QF Campus Life will determine the appropriate course of action following the process outlined below:  

EC Student Organization Judicial Process

  1. An incident report is generated by the individual(s) involved.  These reports are submitted to a Campus Life staff member for review who will in turn notify all pertinent parties involved including Education City staff members. 
  2. The primary CL advisor for the student organization in question will meet with student organization members or other witnesses related to the incident to gather as much information as possible. 
  3. The Campus Life Judicial Board, comprised of all Campus Life staff members, will convene to discuss the incident in question, review the pertinent information, and render a decision ranging from a written warning to the immediate dissolution of an organization. 
  4. Student organizations have the right to appeal the decision rendered by the Campus Life Judicial Board.  This appeal must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Student Center within 3 business days of the decision.  Upon review, the Director will uphold, overturn, or modify the decision.  The Director's decision is final. 


All registered Education City student organizations may apply for funding from the Qatar Foundation for activities and events related to their mission. The funding process is ongoing throughout the year and funds will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.  Please review the following information carefully before initiating the process:

  • Your organization must be officially registered and in good standing with the Qatar Foundation to receive funding

  • Your organization must submit the Funding Request Form to be considered. Completed forms may be delivered to the Campus Life staff in the EC Student Center or emailed to .
  • Your organization must submit this form at least seven business days prior to when you need to receive funding in order for your request to be considered
  • If the amount of funding that you are requesting is more than QR 5,000 your request may require extra time
  • All receipts for items purchased with Qatar Foundation funds must be turned into a Campus Life staff member within two business days after the activity or event completion date

Officer Eligibility

Officers of student organizations must be full time Education City college students, in good disciplinary standing, and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA or the GPA required by their organization's constitution, whichever is higher.  During the annual registration process in August, all organization officers must submit a signed Statement of Academic Eligibility to their Campus Life advisor.  This release form will allow QF Campus Life to verify academic standing throughout the academic year with branch campus staff.  Current officers whose GPA has fallen below acceptable levels may still participate as general members but should relinquish their extra duties as officers and dedicate that time toward academic coursework.  Once their GPA has returned to approved levels they may resume officer roles within the organization again.  For this reason, student organizations are encouraged to incorporate a process into their constitution for reviewing officer eligibility at the end of each academic term as well as a process for replacing an ineligible officer.


Due to the unique nature of Education City, posting guidelines will differ at each institution and center.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of organization members to insure they are abiding by all set policies.  Marketing materials should never contain obscene or offensive materials and always include the name of the sponsoring organization.


EC student organizations must visit with their respective Campus Life Advisor before collecting any donations or engaging in collective fundraising efforts.  Regarding donations, it is always better to involve either Qatar Charity or Eid Charity (both are recognized by the government) to oversee the collection of donations and delivery to the appropriate agency.  Registered organizations must gain prior approval for any fundraising initiatives to insure adherence to current fundraising guidelines.


In keeping with its commitment to a positive academic and social living-learning environment, the Qatar Foundation is unconditionally opposed to any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Respect and cooperation among peers within registered student organizations is a guaranteed right that all students possess.

Hazing can be defined as any action or situation that intentionally or unintentionally endangers a student as a condition for admission to, or affiliation with, any student organization; which does not contribute to the positive development of a person; which inflicts or intends to cause physical or mental harm or anxieties; and/or which demeans, degrades, or disgraces any person regardless of location, intent, or consent of participants.

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