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There are many reasons why students choose a particular university to pursue higher education for a career of their choice. Education City offers you a number of choices not available elsewhere in the region. We urge you to consider a university in Education City based on many reasons. Please surf deeper into the sections of this page for more info. 

Giving Back

As a not-for-profit organization, much of Qatar Foundation's work depends on the generosity of charitable organizations and individuals. Getting an education at Qatar Foundation's Education City is a privilege made possible partly by others' generosity. Qatar Foundation is working on programs to help graduates from universities within Education City to stay connected with their university long after they leave. Staying connected can come in the form of contributing time, talent and money that helps to expand and enhance the quality of learning at Education city. 

Former graduates can share their success by organizing fund raising events for projects within Education City, by sharing their knowledge with a younger generation students, or by contributing through product innovation or original scholarly works. Qatar Science and Technology Park offers a supportive environment for those taking up the challenge of creating their own company. Innovation and entrepreneurialism are qualities that the Middle East desperately needs. Naturally there are risks to entrepreneurial ventures, but the rewards for creating your own job and leading a team of like-minded individuals towards a shared goal are unsurpassed in reward.

Gulf Cooperation Council Programs>

Universities in Education City are accepting students from other Gulf countries under an arrangement by countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to share educational resources. The GCC countries which include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain have chosen to collaborate in fostering educational opportunities for their citizens. Agreements between member countries allow students to select and apply to a university in the region that meets their individual needs, and in some cases to be funded by their home country.

By choosing to attend universities in the region, Gulf students will be assisting to promote the educational facilities and quality programs available in the region as well as helping to strengthen regional ties.
Students interested in benefiting from the program should consult local authorities in their respective countries to find out how they can qualify for and receive funding support for their education in Qatar. For more information about this, please visit the Funding section of the website (Link)

Learning Surpassed by None

The quality of learning available at Education City is unequaled because of the unique combination of world-renowned educational partners coupled with a student population that is highly motivated and high performing. Most students find this kind of rigorous study challenging yet much more fulfilling than taking the easy way toward achieving a college degree. The rigor of students' study assures that they are prepared for the decades of change that are ahead throughout the globe.

The quality of learning at Education City is different than most other institutions because learning is offered everywhere - in the classroom, through individual research, by participating in student organizations, and by learning to live in a residential community. These practical in and out-of-class encounters produce learners who know how to learn in a variety of settings; the result is Education City graduates who are life-long learners and who will always be top performers in comparison to those who have not had such transformative learning opportunity.

International Networks

Students, faculty, and staff are from over 60 nations around the world. This rich mix of nationalities, experiences, and cultures represents an educational resource in itself. Learning for the 21st century will be defined by the need for global citizens who can engage comfortably and confidently across all forms of diversity. Education City is a perfect environment in which to gain these skills.  The global citizen of the future will need to adopt different perspectives and exhibit characteristics not widely found among 20th century workers.

They will need to be more flexible and welcoming of diverse voices. They will increasingly see conflict as an opportunity to work toward positive and mutually beneficial change rather than a wedge driven between individuals or groups. Global citizens will enjoy tasting the traditions, beliefs, and cultural experiences of others. And, they will learn to more comfortably move ahead on issues where more things are unknown than known and they will use the resources of all those around them to chart a reasonable course.  Because of the power of the Education City experience, graduates will be the 21st century global citizens that are so in demand around the world. This type of learning is not easy but it is well worth the time and effort.

Great Job Prospects

Many people think only of energy sector workplaces when they think of Arabian Gulf countries. Education City's branch campuses are preparing students to serve in energy sector jobs in management, research, and new product development. In addition to these important careers, Education City's academic programs also prepare students to participate in the other critical sectors that will help the Gulf maintain economic vitality far into the future.  Business careers are lucrative and provide a breadth of options. Whether students wish to prepare to lead a major corporation or start a small entrepreneurial business, skills of communicating, organizing, product development and management will be necessary. Business opportunities abound now and will continue to grow in the future.  Science and technology will be critical to Qatar and the rest of the Gulf in the future; that is why Education City branch academic programs are designed to address this important knowledge base. In addition, the Qatar Science and Technology Park provides the perfect avenue through which students can take what they learn in class and immediately apply it by working with the companies who will flock to this vibrant center of innovation.

Cultural programs in music and the visual arts will bring a renaissance to the creative arts for which the Arabian Gulf has always been known. These cultural programs preserve the history and provide the social commentary to challenge all citizens to consider the critical social issues of the day. Social challenge and pleasure will be found through the increasing presence of theatre, orchestral, and museum experiences made available in Doha and the region. These careers and others will attract increasing numbers of visitors to Qatar. Hotels, restaurants, and all the tourism services to keep visitors occupied and engaged will foster even greater growth in the tourism industry for which Doha is becoming widely recognized. All these careers require engaged and critical learning that comes through partnership with rigorous academic programs. Learning, reflection, and application of new ideas will push students and the communities they serve into the future.

Finding Purpose

A learning community that stretches students to their limits also helps them clarify their goals in life - personal, social, and professional. Qatar Foundation shares a core of fundamental values with all of its partners. These include the fulfillment of human potential, respect for diversity, respect for the individual and for society, and social responsibility.  Many of our students take part in extra-curricular and co-curricular volunteer activities.

These might be organized by a branch campus or coordinated through Qatar Foundation. Charitable initiatives like Reach Out To Asia provide opportunities for students to help those in need across the Asian continent, through disaster relief, education, and other assistance. The talent, skills, and creativity of Education City students can find future expression in the booming economies and rapidly developing societies of Qatar and the Gulf region. Challenging oneself by working and learning along side other high performers can be intimidating yet it teaches us that we can compete and succeed when we give our all to learning and to life's work

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