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SFS-Q holds Vigil in memory of Damascus University bombing victims
by Hamza Iqbal  11 Apr 2013
SFS-Q holds Vigil in memory of Damascus University bombing victims

By Hamza Iqbal

The newly founded Human Rights Club at Georgetown University SFS-Q held a Candlelight vigil on 8th April. The event was conducted in remembrance of the victims of the recent Damascus University bombings which resulted in the death of at least fifteen students. 
More than a hundred students, faculty members and staff from various Education City institutions gathered at SFS-Q for the ceremony. Professor of Philosophy at SFS-Q Prof. Jeremy Koons spoke about the universal ideals of Human Rights. Students recited poems and offered prayers for the departed souls. Attendees also left their messages for those affected by the attacks which will be shared with the Damascus and Aleppo University networks. 
Aminah Kandar (SFS-Q ’13), an International Politics Major who was also one of the organizers of the event expressed, “It often feels that the world does not care and that the horror (in Syria) will not end. Many of us live in a bubble, the candle light vigil was meant to illuminate the realities around us. I believe we succeeded, especially with the ending moment of silence”. “We were proud and touched to see so many people come out to show their support”, she continued.
The vigil was conducted in conjunction with multiple other such events that will be held at universities across the United States next week condemning the attack and expressing solidarity with members of the academic community in Syria.  
Photo Credits: Razan Al-Humaidi (SFS-Q ‘16)
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