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SFS-Q organizes it First Annual Alumni Networking Dinner
by Hamza Iqbal  11 Apr 2013
SFS-Q organizes it First Annual Alumni Networking Dinner


The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar organized its first Alumni Networking Dinner on 25th March 2013 at the W Hotel. It aimed to promote ties between current students and Alumni from the School of Foreign Service in Qatar as well as with those from Washington DC. The event was successful in bringing together a large group of members from the Georgetown Community in Qatar, the Middle East and beyond.
Courtney Erwin ( SFS ’99), a graduate from Main Campus in Washington DC who is currently working in Qatar shared with students her college experience in DC and having been casted in a play alongside Georgetown alumni Bradley Cooper . Ms. Erwin suggested to exchange students that “they should come with their minds open and expect that it’s going to be different and embrace the difference and the unique experiences here, while knowing that they can’t replicate what they have on Main Campus and they shouldn’t. They should fully delve into the culture, learn Arabic, travel in the region and gain experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to gain on Main Campus”.
“It’s a great opportunity not only because you get to meet people, you get to know the alumni, but there’s so there’s so much in common and it’s really a great learning experience to be given the ability to network”, expressed Yoonsuk Choi (SFS-Q ‘16) who co-hosted the event with the student government and the Office of Outreach and Development. 
The Office of Outreach and Development also launched the Tawjeeh Program that aims to provide mentorship to current students by Alumni who are involved in professional fields of interest to the students. 
Photos courtesy of SFS-Q Communications 
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