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Alumni Profile :AbdurRahman Al khawaga (SFS-Q ‘11)
by Hamza Iqbal  29 Apr 2013
Alumni Profile :AbdurRahman Al khawaga (SFS-Q ‘11)


AbdurRahman Al Khawaga graduated from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar in 2011 and currently works at Qatar Shell. He shares with us a few experiences that he looks back on, having graduated with a major in International Politics from SFS-Q.
What is your favorite memory of Education City?
I would say the time spent on campus. We spent most of the time in the LAS Building. There are a lot of good memories, the building, the classrooms, hanging out late with your friends until, well until the library closed down and actually having a paper due the next day!
What was your favorite in class experience in Georgetown?
I would say whenever a debate breaks out in the middle of the class between students. It’s a tradition that still takes place today. I can remember a few I had, but every class we used to have a debate would just break out in the middle of the class.

Who was your favorite Professor?
Definitely Professor Akinade. If I had to rate this professor I would rate him 20 out of 10. Amazing professor, the amount of knowledge he has, and how fun his classes are, he knows how to mix it up; he’s very friendly, very approachable. You can hang out and have a cup of coffee with him. There’s a lot to learn from him both in terms of Academics and otherwise.
How has your transition been from college to the corporate environment? 
It’s been amazing; I would say we’ve been definitely prepared and over-prepared. I think we went into job market confident of our ability to perform. The classes that graduated before us left a really good impression on the market and set very high expectations from us and we plan to carry on this tradition.
What advice would you give to seniors graduating this year?
Enjoy the very last moment of college life, you’ll miss every minute of them. It’s been the best 4 years of my life! 
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