If a student did not qualify for a Qatar Foundation financial aid loan, can he/she get a bank loan to pay his/her tuition costs?

The Financial Aid Office awards need-based loans only. However, you could seek financial assistance from commercial banks.

Can a student pay some of his/her college costs by working on the Education City campus?

Full-time students are offered the opportunity to work on campus, whether or not they receive a financial aid loan or hold a scholarship. However, their income should be declared when they re-apply for the loan.

How can a student apply for the Work Study Program?

Full-time enrolled students should apply at the Office of Student Services.

How much financial aid loan does each student receive?

A financial aid loan is a percentage of:

  • Tuition fees for students whose parents are resident in Qatar
  • Tuition fees + Housing for students who are non-resident in Qatar

How is financial need determined?

The Financial Aid Office performs a needs analysis of the information provided in the financial aid application completed by a student and/or his/her family. A financial aid loan package is then calculated based on a thorough assessment of the student’s family’s income and assets versus expenditure and loans. The Financial Aid Committee reviews and approves the financial aid loans.

How and when should a student apply for financial aid loan?

Students may apply for financial aid loan on line from this site once he/she has submitted an application to one of the Education City universities. However, the financial aid loan application will not be processed until he/she has uploaded a university acceptance letter.

The financial aid application must be completed and submitted by the applicant and/or his/her parents by May 31st of each year for the next academic year.

What happens if a student, who is receiving a financial aid loan, repeats or withdraws for one or two semesters?

The financial aid loan will be suspended. The student must pay all costs incurred for the semester(s) repeated.

What happens if a student quits Education City prior to graduation because of dismissal or transfer?

Qatar Foundation’s financial aid policy stipulates that he/she must pay back the entire amount owing to Qatar Foundation over a period equal to the total number of semesters attended at an Education City branch campus.

How can a student pay back his/her financial aid loan?

A student can pay back the financial aid loan in two ways. He/She can either repay the full amount after graduation within the time specified in the financial aid contract, or participate in a paid service program where required by an organization in Qatar with the approval of Qatar Foundation.

Are married students considered financially independent from their parents?

Not necessarily. The financial aid committee reserves the right to assess the ability to pay for tuition of both parents and/or spouse.

Can a student receive both a financial aid loan and a scholarship?

Yes, however the loan amount will be adjusted according to his/her financial need.

Can a student receive a financial aid loan or scholarship if he/she intends to enroll at a university outside Education City – in Qatar or abroad?

No, Qatar Foundation’s financial aid loan and scholarship programs apply only to Education City students.

Can a student apply for Qatar Foundation scholarships?

Students need not apply for Qatar Foundation scholarships as they are awarded to those students that demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Scholarship nominees are selected by Qatar Foundation, the branch campus and/or the donor.

Can a student receive a scholarship for sports?

Currently, sports scholarships are not available for Education City students.

Can a student receive a scholarship for high scholastic achievement?

Limited numbers of scholarships for candidates with high scholastic achievement are awarded by some Education City branch campus admissions offices.

What is the difference between a financial aid loan and a scholarship?

  • A financial aid loan is a need-based loan awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. The loan is to the amount owing to Qatar Foundation which should be reimbursed after a student leaves Education City.
  • A scholarship is a merit-based grant that need not be paid back to Qatar Foundation.

Who is eligible for financial aid & who is eligible for a scholarship?

Students whose families demonstrate financial needs are eligible for financial aid. Students who are academically top achievers will be nominated for scholarship.