Terms of Contract

Any student who receives financial aid from Qatar Foundation will be required to sign a contract. The contract details obligations and expectations of both the student and Qatar Foundation.

Click here to read the terms and conditions of a sample contract for 2006-2007.

About the contract:

The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development provides financial aid, in the form of payments for a specified amount of tuition and other expenses on behalf of selected financial aid applicants while attending the universities in Education City. This payment is in exchange for either:

  1. Reimbursement to the Qatar Foundation for the full amount of financial aid received, or
  2. A period of post-graduate paid service at an organization in Qatar as designated by the Qatar Foundation.

Obligations of the Qatar Foundation

To provide financial aid to the student up to a maximum decided for the academic year, for the following costs incurred by the student while enrolled at the Education City branch campus.

Financial aid covers tuition at the branch campus universities. It may also cover

  • boarding fees
  • health expenses
  • reasonable travel expenses for travel to home country only
  • Other expenses of the Student as approved by Qatar Foundation.
  • The graduate may be offered full-time employment at an organization in Qatar after completion of the student’s program of study.

Obligations of the Student

  • Enroll in and attend the university
  • Complete the course of study required to earn a degree from the university
  • Receive the degree from the university within the period allowed by the university’s rules and provided that the student has retained a good academic standing throughout.
  • Not later than six months prior to the student’s award of the degree by the university, notify Qatar Foundation in writing of the student’s election of either of the following two options:
    • Repayment Option. Repay the total amount of tuition, costs, and any other financial aid provided by the Qatar Foundation on behalf of the       student applying 15 per cent of his /her total income.
    • Paid Service Option. A term of obligated service in an organization as designated by Qatar Foundation. This period shall be not less than one year but not more than six years, according to the amount of financial aid received by the Student.
  • Perform in accordance with the elected option.

The specific rules and regulations of the financial aid will be indicated in the financial aid contract for each student.