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Northwestern University

Evanston Campus History
Northwestern University is a private university positioned among the most selective universities in the United States. Founded in 1851, the University's primary campus lies along 240 acres of spectacular lake-front property approximately 20 km north of downtown Chicago. Northwestern's second US campus houses its world-renowned medical and law schools and a large portion of its top-rated business school adjacent to Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago.

More than 15,000 students enroll in Northwestern's six undergraduate schools and five graduate and professional programs. As one of the world's top research and teaching universities, Northwestern's faculty, students, and alumni have long been among the world's leaders in a variety of areas, including journalism, communications, business, and law.

Unique Features of Northwestern University in Qatar
Northwestern University in Qatar offers curricula modeled on the innovative undergraduate programs of the School of Communication and Medill School of Journalism. The University's world-renowned faculty use state-of-the-art technology to create and maintain integrated academic curricula that support our top-ranked programs of communication and journalism. All courses are taught by scholars and practitioners who hold faculty appointments and have had first-hand experience teaching on the Evanston campus.

The program in communication prepares students for management and creative roles in communication and media industries, and for responsible civic participation in the proliferating world of global media. Our students are effective researchers and storytellers; skilled at information and interface design; and creators of new ideas, images, and communication technologies. They pursue careers in creative industries, advertising, corporations, non-profit organizations, cultural associations, and government agencies and ministries, among other places.

The program in journalism prepares students to be both successful professionals and well-rounded citizens. That preparation means students take one-third of their classes in journalism and the remainder in the arts and sciences - subjects such as literature, history, economics, and religion. This formula creates the very best journalists, for which Northwestern is known. While journalism students choose to master one medium, such as newspapers, magazines, television, the Internet, or whatever tomorrow brings, before graduating all students are instructed in all media to ensure proficiency in an ever-evolving world.

A hallmark of the Northwestern education is the combination of theory and practice. Both programs teach students to use critical and analytical thinking skills through a broad liberal arts education as well as technical courses specific to each program. At the same time students gain professional experience by working in news organizations, production and media companies, and television studios through a variety of internships and residencies, which prepare students to move easily from the classroom to the professional world.

What sort of academic development activities will NU-Q be conducting?
Northwestern's focus on hands-on experience leads to the creation of unique co-curricular opportunities in broadcast and print media, advertising, and public relations activities. In the first year in Qatar, faculty and staff are working with students to identify special programs that enhance the students' academic progress. We anticipate developing programs and activities including a television news broadcast, a start-up radio station, a film series and student organizations that complement the curriculum.

Noted Communication Alumni
David Schwimmer - '88 - Co-star of Friends, director and producer
Sherry Lansing - '66 - Former Chairwoman and CEO of Paramount Pictures

Noted Journalism Alumni
Garry Marshall - '56 - Writer/director/producer/actor - Happy Days, Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries
Jack Fuller - '68 - Pulitzer Prize-winner and former editor and publisher of Chicago Tribune
Hon. Diane S. Sykes - '80 - judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals

Admissions Contact Information:
+974 564 3423

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