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Academic Bridge Program

Want to get a feel for the university experience or do a foundation year of study? The Academic Bridge Program (ABP) may help you achieve your university dream. The Academic Bridge Program annually admits secondary school graduates from Qatar and other countries in the region to prepare their English, mathematics and/or science skills in order to meet the admission standards of highly selective English-language universities. The courses are designed to help students do well in competition for entrance to major English-language universities around the world and to help them develop the computer skills and study habits that will ensure their success once they are enrolled. For more info visit

Vision and Mission
The Academic Bridge Program is a preparatory program established for high school graduates from Qatar and the surrounding region. The comprehensive program is designed to enhance the student's academic background in preparation for future study at university level.

ABP's Unique Curriculum
The ABP facilitates a smooth transition from high school to world-class universities by offering a rigorous academic program and preparing students for the cultural challenges of an international university system. Our primary goal is to help qualified high school graduates develop the academic, personal, social and cultural skills essential for success in university study.

The ABP Curriculum includes five components:

  • English as a Foreign Language: to help students improve their English language to a level sufficient to succeed in an English-medium university.
  • Mathematics: to strengthen the student's background in mathematics and prepare for the math section on standardized university admission examinations, as well as in their programs of study in higher education.

A Unique Curriculum

  • Science: to develop the student's knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology or general science, depending on the chosen major.
  • Computer training: to help students master computer skills.
  • University preparedness for

Student Support Services
We offer students a wide range of support services and activities that are designed to complement our excellent academic program, promote student learning and personal development, and help address special needs and difficulties:

  • Student counseling and advisory services, which include intensive academic advising, guidance and counseling.
  • Co-curricular student activities, including cultural , social and recreational activities, such as workshops, student association, clubs, debates, Model United Nations and sports.
  • Team building activities, designed to promote a sense of community among students. Team projects include academic and social activities, motivational and assertiveness training and other opportunities for personal development.
  • Tutoring for the following subject area: English as a foreign language, chemistry, physics, biology, pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, study and learning skills, and critical thinking/ problem solving

Admissions Contact Information:
+974 492 7300

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