Apply to EC Universities

Admission to the campus is an extremely competitive process. Grade 12 students are recommended to consider applying sooner rather than later. It is not advised to wait until completion of high school. Students are advised to think early, plan early and act early. And Education City is delighted to help along the way.

Interested in learning more about achieving a degree from one of the top universities in the world, right here in the Gulf? Admission to the campuses at Education City is merit based and very competitive. Though students wishing to apply need not feel worried because information and resources are available to help ensure each student submits their best application.

Application overview:
The application requirements are different for each of the six campuses at Education City. However, there are a few important things prospective students should know. As the campuses at Education City are all genuine campuses of the home universities, the admission process is identical with the main campus. It is recommended that students start the process several months before the application deadlines as there may be forms and guidelines that could take some time to complete. Students may also have questions or need additional information, so it is always prudent to have more vs less time to meet the application deadline.

Application Checklist:
Visit the Education City website regularly for up-to-date information on important enrolment details, admission dates and for links to all individual campus websites. It is recommended that prospective students connect with their career counsellors regarding when Qatar Foundation - Education City talks are slated for the school and attend the session.

Prospective students can also get a real feel for what it's like to be a student at one of the leading universities in the world by attending the campus Open Days, and speaking to teachers and students about their experience. It is the student's responsibility to be inspired to learn and achieve their degree.

Students also need to be sure what tests are required for admission. Booking early is recommended! Admission requires Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and possibly SAT/ACT. There may be a waiting list and it is best to take the tests a number of times, so be sure to register early.

Students are also advised to think about their personal statement or essay, which gives students the opportunity to present their talents in the best light and explain in their own words their program and school of choice. Some universities give considerable weight to the personal statements made by enrolling students so it is wise to plan it in advance.

What next? Tips to prepare for Education City

Grade 9:

  • Practice reading, writing and speaking English, both in and out of school; read English books and newspapers, watch television in English and practice with your friends
  • Take classes that interest you but also take classes that you know may be difficult for you
  • Take classes that will help improve your skills and challenge yourself at school 
  • Learn good study habits and work hard

Grade 10:

  • Continue working in English, both in and out of school 
  • Continue to challenge yourself at school; work hard to get good grades even if you don't like the class. A good grade in a class you don't like shows maturity and that you can overcome a challenge
  • Begin thinking about your passions/interests and take classes or participate in extra curricular activities in these areas
  • Begin thinking about your longer term goals and what you'd like to do 
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor, Principal or Teacher to discuss your interests and opportunities 
  • Start thinking about standardized tests

Grade 11:

  • Take the most challenging/advanced level courses your school offers (e.g. IB, AP, AS or A Level) 
  • Begin researching colleges, visit college and university web sites
  • Begin Test preparation (SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTs) 
  • Take practice tests many times. The more you take them the better you will understand what is expected. Sit for the entire test. Practice sitting for three hours at a time 
  • Determine admissions requirements for each college, even if you don't apply to a particular school you'll have you covered your bases
  • Take tests at the end of your junior year. Take EVERY part of EVERY test. THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT 
  • The more tests you take the higher your scores will be - colleges and universities only look at the highest scores in each area

Grade 12:

  • Re-take tests again
  • Visit the colleges and Universities that interest you and attend presentations made at your school 
  • Visit the web sites again and pay particular attention to the application process 
  • Determine what is required 
  • What are the deadlines
  • Show interest in the schools of your choice 
  • Meet with an admissions officer, if possible 
  • Arrange an interview, if possible

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